JustGoods holds Veterans Day program on soldiers issues with suicide

Staff Report

Rockford Peace & Justice sponsors their annual Veterans Day program, this time asking why are Soldiers & Veterans Committing Suicide.

This program, which is free and open to the public, will begin at 6 p.m. on Wednesday at JustGoods Meeting Room, 201 Seventh Street. Those attending should use the west side entrance.

Dr. Howard Waitzkin will speak about the alarming number of suicides among not only veterans, but within active duty military personnel, especially those soldiers returning from more than two tours of duty in a war zone.

Dr. Waitzkin is the founder of the Civilian Medical Resource Network, which provides military personnel and veterans with civilian health and mental health referrals, evaluations and treatment. Dr. Waitzkin is an internist, an author, a medical sociologist, an activist and a professor.

Dr. Howard Waitzkin is a Distinguished Professor at the University of New Mexico and a primary care practitioner in rural New Mexico who recently moved to Rockford area. Dr. Waitzkin’s books include The Second Sickness, The Politics of Medical Encounters, and At the Front Lines of Medicine. His work focuses on the social conditions that lead to illness, unnecessary suffering, and early death.

Dr. Waitkin’s talk will also examine how relationships among militarism and public health, are changing and how these changes affect our current GIs.

For more information contact Stanley Campbell at 815-964-7111.

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