Letter to the Editor: Veterans past and present

The year 2015 started out very trFloyd mil picying. On January 1 I learned that my eldest niece had been murdered that day. At the time I was suffering with multiple problems; nightmares, post-traumatic stress disorder, paranoia, flashbacks and very bad feet. I continued attending outpatient group meetings and I didn’t and still don’t hesitate to address my issues and take my medications as directed.

The year took a positive turn. I enrolled in a Parenting Program, enjoyed it, and was greatly helped by it. I am now striving to be, and feel that I am, a positive role model for my son. I have been granted custody of my son Michael and we are very happy together.

I shall forever be eternally grateful to the Department of Veteran’s Affairs for the support they gave; to Ms. Rachael Leon, Foster Care Case Manager; to my adopted family, Moma and Papa Mitchell, for their love and support, guidance and prayers; for Pastor Ken McClund, for all of his prayers and support; for Latisha McAdory for her support with veterans; and the to the staff of the HUD-VASH Program for their help with my housing needs.

To all of the veterans and enlisted men and women, thank you! You are valued and appreciated!

Floyd Prunty, Jr.

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