Your Horoscopes: November 11-17

By Denise Guzzardo

This week

Take advantage of the new moon in Scorpio’s energy November 11. After that date it will be easy to gain momentum and gather resources from numerous elements. This is a time where we can gain momentum and create expansions that will manifest by the full moon in active Gemini on November 25. Thanksgiving Day will provide us all with plenty to be grateful for. Mark that on your calendar as a pivotal point within all of our lives and pay attention to what aligns prior to that time frame. Enjoy!


Long-distance communication or travel may be on your agenda at this time. This may come as an unexpected surprise or a shocking emergency. In either case you will need to follow through and pick up the pieces for those that are too physically exhausted to go on any further. In the end you will find that you have learned a lot from this endeavor. This is a memory that you can take with you to eternity, Aries.


Romantic elements may be put to the test early on this week. Take into consideration all of the aspects and observe outside influences. By week’s end you have the ability to put everything back into place. Until then think before you speak. You do not want to put yourself in a position of having to backtrack all of your thoughts and feelings, Taurus.


A love from your past may resurface during this time frame allowing you to reconsider your stand on the issue. Perhaps you may have been a little hesitant to clear the air with this person face to face. Your internal compass will guide you in the direction you need to take regarding affairs of the heart. Midweek provides you with a fabulous opportunity to shine within your career sector. All eyes are on you, Gemini.


Your intuition has proven to be true at this time. Now all you need to do is pick up the pieces and figure out where you are going from here. Health matters with friends and family may be creating additional worry or concern at this time. Take on only what you are physically capable of and not one ounce more. You need to put yourself first at this time, Cancer.


A lucky break arrives this week in the form of a financial element. Perhaps a client or family member comes into a windfall. They may be more than willing to share their good fortune with you. If by week’s end you see no evidence of this, be patient, this aspect is on the way shortly. You will reap the benefits, as well as have the opportunity to celebrate the good fortune of another, Leo.


A big-ticket item or a major sale is about to take place at this time. You can receive the blessings that you are entitled to at this time. You have put in a tremendous amount of hard work over the last few months and now it is time for you to shine. The payoff is sweet and it’s all yours for the taking, Virgo.


This feeling of uneasiness will lift as the week begins to progress. What we bring voice to will become relevant, so speak with thought and purpose. People will be crawling out of the woodwork to connect with you. Try not to become overwhelmed, instead step up to the plate and accept every single expression of love and validation. Who cares where it’s coming from, it’s yours for the taking, Libra.


You have good reasons to count your blessings, so make a habit out of it. Let’s start by making it a little more difficult to go into a negative mindset than in the recent past. Trust me you have had your reasons, but now is the time to live for the moment. The clock is ticking, and life is passing us all by. You are on your game and able to receive the gifts that life has presented, Scorpio.


Make time for friends and family this week. Your schedule has been a bit of a pain. However; you’re not gaining any more ground by spinning in a circle with the mundane tasks that are always a part of your scene. Take a break, invite loved ones around you to exchange energy, break bread, and catch up. You will have no regrets, Sag.


Romance is in the best of space this week. You can see the future and it looks as though you have found your fit. This may take time to manifest but you’re on the right path now. Midweek you make a connection for a long-term goal. Career is accentuated at this time. Lucky breaks are in store for you now, Cap.


Expansions with career and acceptance of your gifts will become apparent at this time. New faces and new elements will ignite your creative side and line your pocketbook with the best possible windfalls. To be generously paid for something that you love to do is everyone’s wish and everyone’s entitlement. It’s your turn to shine now, Aquarius.


You may feel this overwhelming desire to play cupid with a friend or family member, but slow down a bit here. You don’t want to rock a potential love boat by pushing an issue. Trust me, they will figure it out all on their own. By week’s end finances are in the black, now you can breathe a bit, Pisces.

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