New phone numbers for RPD

Staff Report

The Rockford Police Department announced Friday the transition to a new phone system for all of its systems.

RPD says the new system will utilize more automated messages to “offer the public a variety of options to efficiently direct callers to the appropriate personnel or resource.”

See below for an updated list of the department’s phone numbers.

Emergency 911

Admin 779-500-6565

Chaplain 779-500-6670

Community Services, Criminal Investigations, District 1

Commander, District 2 Commander, District 3 Commander, Patrol

Sergeant, Shift Commander, Traffic 779-500-6555

Front Desk 779-500-6458

Graffiti Hotline 779-348-7261

ID Unit 779-500-6454

Impound Release 779-500-6514

Narcotics Line 779-221-3933

OIC 779-500-6555

OPS 779-500-6611

OPS Hotline 779-500-6900

Property 779-500-6514

Records 779-500-6451

Recruiting 779-500-6628

Report Review 779-500-6457

School Liaison 779-500-6472

Shift Commander 779-500-6555

Warrants 779-500-6469

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