Paris is another wake-up call

General view of the scene with rescue service personnel working near covered bodies outside a restaurant following shooting incidents in Paris, France, November 13, 2015. REUTERS/Philippe Wojazer

By Gregory John Campbell
Guest Contributor

What IS has done in Paris is another wake-up call to the nations of the world, but instead no one is thinking or learning; they’re just victimizing, grieving and remembering. But if we want to get on with our lives, we need to secure our borders first, before engaging military actions, because that would be the most productive course we could take to prevent extremism and terrorism from occurring.

But instead, we’re acting like victims of political incompetence by reacting like lemmings, instead of intelligently thinking. For if we repeat the same policies of 9/11 by “taking the fight” to IS, we’ll be doing nothing to secure our nation’s borders and everything IS wants, driven by the failed actions of our past, because we’ve forgotten how necessary it is to “look” (think) before we “leap” (act).

What happened in France should bring a sea change in political opinion and policy, not in xenophobic revenge, but in practical policies and actions. But it probably won’t, because it appears once again, that all the politicians want to do is fan the flames of war, instead of initiating rational programs to extinguish and prevent them. Furthermore, they should be dismissed for permitting tragedies like Paris, not praised for their actions after.

This would be an excellent opportunity for President Obama to secure our borders, triumph his party in 2016 and initiate policy actions mandating all resident aliens enroll in citizen or work programs that would ID, track and monitor them to improve national security.

For with a six year program mandating zero criminality, full employment, payment of taxes, investment and English competence, only those aliens serious about contributing to our nation could become citizens. Furthermore, a five year limit on “green card” and H1-b visa employment would allow foreign workers only five years employment and then deport them for five before returning. This policy would insure American employment, keep wages high and tell incoming aliens they can’t stay indefinitely, which amnesty does, and why neither party will implement such programs because they work for the large corporations, not the American people.

Instead, it appears in typical political fashion that Mr. Obama will do neither, insuring that our borders will remain vulnerable and that undocumented individuals will be allowed free access, travel, education and health benefits in our nation, when many Americans don’t have these, which is inexcusable.

For at present Washington and many Americans behave as if they can go to work each day and sleep every night and leave the front doors of their homes and country wide open, inviting disaster.

For if we cannot secure the “doors”—i.e., borders—to our individual homes and country, we cannot insure the personal or national security of either. For a nation with an “open” border is like a home without a front door, as neither owner can control who comes, goes, lives or resides in either, which is unthinkable.

Because if that isn’t our case, then any tom, dick or harry could claim to be an American citizen in our country or a family member in our homes just by being physically present, which is absurd and dangerous. This is what the real reality of “open borders” means America, so wake up.

Fortunately, Americans have their second amendment rights and doors to secure their homes. Now they need similar policies from Washington. Tell your officials to secure our nation from future harm by firmly securing the borders to our home now. Tell them if they don’t, they’ll become unemployed undocumented workers soon. America, choose what you want to be.

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