State: Residents pay a pretty penny in wireless taxes

Illinoisans rank fourth highest in country for wireless tax burden

A new report on wireless taxes show Illinoisans are shelling out a pretty penny for their wireless data.

The non-partisan Tax Foundation found Illinoisans pay nearly 24 percent in overall state and federal taxes on their phone bills as of July 2015. This ranks fourth in the nation behind only Washington, Nebraska, and New York.

The Illinois Commerce Commission reports that nearly half of the homes in the state no longer have a dedicated landline and rely solely on wireless phones for communication.

The commission said Illinois has approximately 13 million wireless subscribers. The City of Chicago also has an additional 7 percent tax on wireless usage.



Illinois looking for a body camera provider ahead of Jan. 1 law.

The state is taking bids for a supplier to equip 1,000 police officers and another 1,000 patrol cars with mobile cameras.

The Associated Press reports the state is looking to get ahead of the national rush to put cameras on law enforcement in light of controversial police shootings in Ferguson, Missouri and Baltimore, Maryland.

An Illinois State Police spokesman tells the Associated Press that the bidding process doesn’t mean the state is on track to purchase those cameras, but the bids will set up the framework for a buying process in the future.

Governor Bruce Rauner signed a bill in August that supporters say puts Illinois on the forefront of law enforcement/video integration. The law creates the process, infrastructure and revenue stream to put cameras on local and state law enforcement. It becomes effective January 1st.

State congratulates award-winning Chicago Cubs

They may have been swept by the New York Mets in the National League Championship Series, but the Chicago Cubs swept up some of the league’s most prestigious honors.

State Representative John Anthony filed three House Resolutions this week congratulating pitcher Jake Arrieta, infielder Kris Bryant, and Manager Joe Maddon. Arrieta won the National League Cy Young Award. Bryant won the National League Rookie of the Year Award, and Joe Maddon was named National league Manager of the Year.

The legislation is House Resolutions; 872, 874, and 875.

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