Your Horoscopes: November 25-December 1

By Denise Guzzardo

This week

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Stay safe in your travels and enjoy your loved ones. The full moon in Gemini will offer some interesting dynamics Wednesday, November 25. Physical activity will be accentuated as well as humorous anecdotes for those accepting this day within a positive light-hearted mind set. Rippling effects always follow the full moon so make this day a great day. Friday we will be feeling the effects of Chiron, the Wounded Healer minor planet. Try not to let Chiron throw you off course, its influence can be a very powerful healing tool, utilize it. Enjoy.


An unexpected windfall arrives this week with the possible sale or purchase of an item that has a tremendous amount of value. This may be something that you’ve been sitting on for a while, or something you stumble across that another person has no use for. Either way, you will be in a position to provide the right home for this treasure. Try to get out and about, Aries.


You have made a connection with a unique individual that helps you see many different angles to a specific project now. Once you’re able to formulate a plan you can move mountains with your long-term goals. You also have an opportunity to socialize with a love or friend from your past. Connect all of the dots, don’t leave anything out, Taurus.


You are in a wonderful position to acquire wealth and knowledge at this time. However; you cannot let the past get in the way of the present. Open your mind to the possibilities of change, the picture becomes clear by week’s end, Gemini.


Take this week to show another how much you care. You may have been too overwhelmed to show any appreciation previously, now is your chance to catch up on your personal life. Plan a weekend away and lay the plans down for this now. It will arrive soon enough, Cancer.


Don’t worry about legal documents or ramifications surrounding your work or home life now. You have everything in check and there is no need to take on any more emotional burdens. Midweek a blessing in disguise arrives, take note of all of your surroundings, Leo.


You feel so relieved after getting all of these overwhelming burdens off of your chest. Your ability to communicate runs smoothly and you’re able to get everything under control once and for all. A focus on property may become a driving element to get things done. You will find a burst of energy arrives just in the nick of time, Virgo.


Make sure your personal path is clear before you worry about taking on anymore mischief or frustration. When you tend to overlook the obvious someone will be more than willing to point it out to you. Beautify your surrounding area and make room for growth. Could you be purposely self-sabotaging your goals? If not is another trying to do this for you? Avoid negative elements, Libra.


A work associate may try to feed gossip or bully a fellow employee this week. You may need to step in and give them an earful. Normally you would rather stay out of this kind of drama but at this time you have reached your last nerve with it all. Choose your words carefully, but let it be known you will not tolerate this kind of mean-spirited energy, Scorpio.


Romance aligns in a favorable light at this time. You feel as though you are complete with all of the aspects that have been presented to you now. A lucky break regarding a vehicle or employment will arrive shortly. Keep your eyes and ears open for information with this aspect. The weekend holds some interesting surprises for you, Sag.


Those around you provide you with much love and support at this time. You are so surprised at the outpouring of affection that you could become quite emotional over it all. Receive this love graciously and return it whenever you can. This contagious affection is a wonderful epidemic. Your finances begin to make sense and you’re able to set some money aside for a rainy day. Express creative self at this time, Capricorn.


Expansion within the career will increase your finances and allow you to see the big picture in the months to come. Romance becomes a major focus midweek. You are able to get to the bottom of a confusing element with another and clear it up for good. With that said you can move on to bigger and better things, Aquarius.


A change in home, work or career entirely is on the forefront at this time. This is an exciting development that promises success and satisfaction. Take a leap of faith and go for it. You can no longer worry about the what ifs in life and expect to expand and grow. Once everything falls into place you breathe a big sigh of relief, Pisces.

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