Your Horoscopes: December 2-8

By Denise Guzzardo

This week

Chiron’s recent melancholy activity may have affected some of you a little more powerfully than others. However; its purpose is to heal the wounds and build spiritual as well as physical muscle mass. So now we proceed on our path with a slow and methodical plan to improve the elements in our life with determination. If you have felt fatigue or anxiety, move into the process as opposed to fighting it. Your body, mind and spirit are aligning, sometimes that requires a little rest along the way. Enjoy!


Should I stay or should I go, seems to be the running theme circling in your head at this time. This could be involving a romantic situation or a professional endeavor. Keep in mind that you don’t have to make this decision this week. As a matter fact, it would be best if you didn’t make any rash decisions during this lunar cycle. Carefully process each option and align it when you’re a little less reactive. Mid-December brings a stable balance into your realm, Aries.


If you are a single Taurus you will find yourself surrounded by new love options during this lunar cycle. The question is, which direction will you choose? You’ve tried all the rest now it’s time for the best. Carefully examine who you are and be honest with yourself as to what type of relationship would truly work for you. Anyone worth their salt will be worth the wait. Meanwhile, those Taurus that are in a committed relationship will be experiencing a second honeymoon stage. Enjoy!


Fatigue and anxiety may be creating some poorly expedited behavior out of you. Retrace your steps and distribute your energy with a more balanced format. Your loved ones around you may not be strong enough to endure it, and would prefer a little more emotional support. Keep that in mind as you move forward this week. All will fall into place, Gemini.


Try not to be sensitive to a reaction from another this week. This is their stuff to deal with not yours. Listen closely to what they are not saying and go from there. Midweek you’re acknowledged for a job well done by the powers that be. There is public acclaim and notoriety developing now in your favor, Cancer.


As the holidays approach, more unwanted anxiety arrives. Knowing this, it is within your power to block the escalating shattered calamities and surround you and yours with love and tranquility. Sometimes those with their unresolved issues can become like a crying child, when they don’t get a reaction out of you with one behavior, they create another. Eventually, just like the child, they become exhausted and go to sleep. Keep this in mind as the week progresses, it will be settled soon, Leo.


You may need to go the extra mile this week with a loved one. This may be a time frame where they are questioning where they are at in life and scrutinizing their surroundings. If you have fallen asleep at the wheel in your relationship sector, you may find yourself on the outside looking in. It only takes an extra moment to let someone know how much you care. This will pay off in the long run, Virgo.


This may be a great time to have a checkup from the neck up, Libra. If you’re even remotely questioning your actions, now is the time to try to make things right. Do not try to fly under the radar now. If you do your actions will come back to haunt you in a big way. You may also be in a position to call another on the carpet for their behavior, be brave and deliver your message with love. There is no room for a grudge at this point and time, Libra.


If you even attempt to keep a secret from friends or family you may live to regret it now. The truth will set you free. Information shared with you in confidence regarding another’s health or welfare needs to be shared with all of those involved in this aspect. Do not fear the consequences of your actions, fear the repercussions of your silence, Scorpio.


Finances continue to improve during this time frame. Although you know you need a break, trust that the universe will provide you with one shortly. The past may attempt to sneak up on you this week in a peculiar way. Try to evaluate why this may be a lesson that you need to revisit. Is forgiveness the issue in question with you or an outside source? One way or another this will get resolved, try to make the best of the lesson presented now, Sag.


Dealing with the elderly or those that may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer is a test of your overly-challenged patience this week. Try to see the simplicity involved in this lesson of love. Maybe you needed this wake up call after all to recreate your own child-like image. The lighter side of life is not always the wrong way to go, Capricorn.


You may not receive the best news regarding a legal matter this week, but in the long run this may be protecting you from long-term damage. Retrace your steps and try to figure out an alternative solution to your short-term problems. Sometimes the only way around a dilemma is through it, Aquarius.


A love interest or love from your past may resurface causing you to question your current situation. Take your time and try to look at what all of the options have to offer. You have a habit of trying to close the deal too fast without sometimes reading the fine print. Take your time before you sign on the dotted line, Pisces.

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