Letter to the Editor: Winnebago not fulfilling its civic duties

The Village of Winnebago is not enforcing its ordinances, specifically those regarding its resident’s duty to care for their property by clearing away debris, such as dead trees and branches.  Although Village Ordinance, Article II B & C specifically states that resident’s failure to comply is considered “unlawful” and a “nuisance” when I recently voiced my concerns regarding debris on a particular property, I was advised that the Village did not have the “resources” to enforce ordinances. Other municipalities seem to be able to enforce their ordinances. Obviously Winnebago doesn’t care to address its resident’s concerns and do anything about them.

I have also been told by Village personnel that they actually “got behind” in enforcing property ordinances, because they did not have anyone that was doing the job. Further, the Village “attorney” states that, although the issues have not been addressed and dead trees are potentially life threatening, they cannot be held responsible “because of the Illinois Local Governmental and Governmental Employee Tort Immunity Act”. The Village of Winnebago’s failure to follow through is my only concern, not excuses. It seems that this municipality has hidden behind excuses for years. Why don’t they just do their jobs and tell the truth? They dropped the ball!  

I have spoken with other village residents who are also frustrated by the lack of action regarding various other issues. Shame on you, Village of Winnebago. Why don’t you do something to address pertinent concerns?  Residents are not stupid, and are frankly getting sick of nothing getting done.

Denise Case

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