Your Horoscopes: December 16-22

By Denise Guzzardo

This week

Prepare yourself for the full moon in Cancer arriving on Christmas day. This will be a highly charged, sensitive time frame that could go off the rails in either direction. The reason I mention this now is because many of you may already be feeling its affect, or still balancing the new moon in Sag on the December 11. Watch your intake of sugar, alcohol and medication during this time frame as well. That will only add more fuel to the fire. Enjoy.


News of health and wellness challenges with loved ones can really take the wind out of our sails. Remember that everyone comes into our life for a reason. It’s times like these when love and empathy are the most vivid. We should embrace that part of the lesson as well as our own good fortune. On a lighter note, by week’s end good news arrives regarding your finances, Aries.


Celebrate your winnings this week. You are in a position to expand your financial sector to its fullest potential at this time. Midweek you may be a bit frustrated with a friend or co-worker, try to see life through their eyes. If you can you will be able to heal the world, Taurus.


Getting your household in order may be a challenge early on this week, but as it progresses things begin to fall into place. The new year promises a tremendous amount of change and you’re already watching some of this begin to align. Travel and vehicles become a focus after the first of the year, Gemini.


You need to connect with your past in order to influence your future in the best possible light. Those that have been on the back burner in your life will now become a prominent influence at this time. No hard feelings, just conflicting schedules and overwhelming obstacles have set a distance between you and your loved ones. Now is the time to reconnect. You will feel inner peace with the information you receive, Cancer.


Love and support arrive from unusual sources at this time. Focus on your own health and wellness and find new ways to relieve the stress in your life. Exercise, mediation or a spa day could play a significant role in your overall mind set. By week’s end a hidden influence comes to light putting you in the driver seat, Leo.


You need to rest this week. You have been under the gun with stress and strife the last six weeks or more. Take it easy, connect with friends and keep your holiday celebrations simple and anxiety free. Pay attention to all of the signs the universe is providing for you now, Virgo.


Concerns regarding a family member’s health may have you on high alert this week. Pay close attention to the signs that have not been brought to light and follow up from there. Your intuition is running high and you’re in the best place to see the things that others may not be able to see. This could be a lifesaving event, Libra.


You may be feeling a bit under the weather early on this week. Stress and strife could be creating physical concerns for your long-term health. Take a step back and put your own priorities first, at least for now. There is no reason why you can’t take a timeout at this time. When all is said and done you have the clarity to move on, Scorpio.


Your lackluster energy may need to be addressed in many different forms; physically, mentally and spiritually. Make time with your physician as well as your favorite physical activities, even though it may be difficult to get moving at first. Your love life or lack of it could use a little attention as well. Be open and receptive, Sag.


News travels fast regarding a change in work or scenery, Capricorn, so if there is anything you want to keep on the down low I suggest you do just that, keep it on the down low. Upgrades align with your personal life as the new year arrives, so prepare yourself now. Keep your eyes and ears to the ground, Capricorn.


Changes within your residence will arrive this spring, so you will be preparing for that now during the winter months. Your personal life need a little bit of a shot in the arm. Pay attention to those that are attempting to alienate you from friends and family. They may not have your best interest at heart, Aquarius.


Someone from your past that you have had an eye on magically becomes free from the shackles of an unfulfilling relationship. Go slow and allow this person plenty of time to heal from the calamity that they allowed to become a part of their life. In the end, you will be the hero, Pisces.

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