Lessons of Paris and trumping The Offald

By Frank Schier
Editor & Publisher

What do the Paris Climate Change Conference and Donald Trump have in common?

Both were successful and concern pollution.

The 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference, or COP 21/CMP11, was the result of many meetings since the entire process began with the historic Kyoto Protocols in 1997. China and the U.S. led the way with our climate change agreement in 2014.

Last week in Paris, unbelievably, 150 world leaders gathered and agreed on something. With an agreement for no more than a 2 degrees Celsius rise in temperature (the island nations of the South Pacific won the day for a long term goal of a rise of no more that 1.5 degrees Celsius) we are aiming at zero emissions of carbon by the year 2100. While optimists point out the unanimous agreement, skeptics roll their dice on what China, India, the Third World and the U.S. can really achieve, since fossil-based fuels run the globe physically and economically. Ah, skeptics.

Then again, skeptics predicted some time ago the final curtain on the man who has become a sad, comedic gas searing the Republican Party with voracious odors of outrageously insulting xenophobic rants about Latinos, Muslims and even the looks of women who don’t match his perfumed fantasies.

Donald The Rump, or Donald The Dump, are just of a few poor rhymes I have heard to deride the national pollution that emits from underneath the world’s worst comb-over. Myself of thinning hair, I prefer the “The Offald” because of its similarities with “Awful”.

I think the media mannequin has tottered off his golden rocker. As Ben Carson fades away into his own make-believe world, the rest of the weird collection of Republican candidates Cruz around trying to out-rump Trump with crazy gags meant to win the soundbite competition. While a declared socialist, Sen. Bernie Sanders, and “Miss Baggage” herself, Hillary Clinton, sit back and laugh, the Republicans are like sugar-poisoned adolescents frantically burping for the “most obnoxious” award. I’m very skeptical about what is takes to entertain Republican reality-show watchers, er … primary voters.

For the skeptics on the Paris accord, one could answer that 20 nations signed the Vienna Convention for the Protection of the Ozone Layer in 1985; and in 1987 with new stipulations in 1990, 43 nations signed the Montreal Protocol. The U.N. declared Sept. 16 as World Ozone Day in 1994 to commemorate this progress. Now we have 150 nations signing on to protect the good ship Earth from pollution. That’s progress on pollution. Hope should rise!

Regressively, inviting parallel comparisons to various fascist figures, The Offald continues his gleefully pompous slide into the political cesspool and drags the rest of us in with him. Now the White House, Homeland Security and Sec. of State Kerry assert Trump’s anti-Muslim rhetoric amounts to a threat to national security because he gives ISIS more gas for terrorist recruitment on social media, because he breaks down developing community trust at home and because he fosters uncertainty with our allies.

More than 300,000 Brits have signed a petition to ban The Offald from entering the UK. If a petition gains more than 100,000 signatures in the UK it may be debated in Parliament. Since England was on the forefront of the attack the last time this kind of racist, ignorant rhetoric threatened the world, I will applaud such a debate that only the two benches of the House of Commons can provide.

Many common guys and gals in the U.S. are falling for The Offald’s appeal to fear. His exaggerations border on outright lies when he claimed “thousands” in New Jersey cheered and held celebrations when 9/11 occurred. Fact checkers burned that claim down. This 1 percenter gave approval to one-of-his “roughing up” a Latino journalist, and said waterboarding should have a comeback.

Fear-based decisions are for the easily fooled. Yet, fooled the Republican primary voters seem to be, even after the front page of the Philadelphia Daily News runs a photo of The Offald with his hand outstretched and the headline “The New Furor.”

Frightfully, a new poll by Monmouth University on Monday, put the Offald at 41 percent , with Cruz at 14 percent, Rubio at 10 percent and Carson at 9 percent. The rest of the adolescents couldn’t rise above 3 percent.

Only one stood up like a real man: Lindsey Graham called The Offald a “race-baiting, xenophobic, religious bigot … tell Donald Trump to go to hell.” Despite the condemnation of rational Republicans, The Offald and his pollution of fear and exclusion continues to win over those who hate political correctness. Think again, really look at this faking, over-the-edge, goofball, that even bald eagles attack.


Even Darth Vader might say, “May The Farce be with you.”  In this galaxy, Darth Cheney said on the Hugh Hewitt Show: “I think this whole notion that somehow we can just say no more Muslims, just ban a whole religion goes against everything we stand for and believe in … I mean, religious freedom’s been a very important part of our history and where we came from.”

Where we have to come from with climate change is to show where we can achieve carbon reduction locally. Paris has to become local in the best way possible. Stop cutting down trees in forest preserves and anywhere else we can avoid it. The Paris accord calls for more forestation. Install compact fluorescent and LED lighting wherever possible. Install more solar panels and geothermal systems. Get energy audits on every home and commercial building. Create state, county and local ordinances that demand demolition be guided by reuse of materials rather than overloading landfills. Identify and assess area thermal polluters and work with those companies to reduce their carbon output. Buy electric cars and boats. Recapture more heat sources in local factories for energy savings. Hold local summits to see how to help the Paris accord with a 25 year plan. We too often don’t believe in climate change or forget to try to reduce it on our everyday lives.

If you don’t believe or have forgotten The Offald’s offenses in the “Presidential” race, proving he is unfit to be the Republican Party’s nominee, look at the great Chicago Sun-Times article in their Tuesday, Dec. 15 edition, “Elections 2016, The rise of Trump: 26 weeks that changed the race.”

To touch on some of the finer moments:

  • Week 1: Announces, says Mexicans are rapists.
  • Week 3: NBC/Universal cuts business ties with The Offald; he sues.
  • Week 5: Insults Sen. McCain and all POWs, saying he’s not a hero because he was captured.
  • Week 8: After the Fox News debate, The Offald makes some very rude and bloody statements about moderator Megyn Kelly.
  • Week 10: Announces his plan to wall Mexicans out of the U.S.
  • Week 13: Calls Obama “stupid” on Iran deal, infers Carly Fiorina is ugly.
  • Week 16: Trump and Carson tie in polls.
  • Week 21: After pounding on Rubio’s immigration policy and Senate attendance, gets big ratings on Saturday Night Live.
  • Week 23: After Paris attacks, wants a Muslim database in the U.S.
  • Week 24: Invents baloney about New Jersey residents cheering 9/11 tragedy.
  • Week 26: Wants to ban all Muslims from entering US, “until our representatives can figure out what is going on.”

Really, really consider the listing above about a man who is definitely more “off” than “on”. Trump  really falls as a common card, imbalanced, extremely rude, and largely ignorant on many issues. As a civilized nation, we must offload The Offald in the primaries.

Tuesday’s Las Vegas debate will be over when this week’s issue of The Rock River Times heads to the printer. I hope everyone watched and considered positively all the other candidates who are not disconnected from reality or too extreme. The far right has no more of a right to run this country as does the far left.

We are a county of compromise and consideration. We have to be rational when a media circus enters the political arena and declares the clowns the winners. Stay in an operable reality. Vote with your mind and courage. Will you surrender to your fear? Will we be the nation of never-ending war, where our youth falls as permanently disabled or cannon fodder for the 1 percenters’ corporate profits? This fear mongering is exaggerated by people who know they are going to lose and who just want to exploit us. Do you want the negative life of war all the time? If you do, get ready for real terror to come home to your doorstep more and more often, every day. War mongers are giving ISIS exactly what they want and a challenge invitation to U.S. shores. The irresponsibility of the patent pandering to everyone’s lowest instinct is beyond reproach. The GOP should be ashamed.

As positive history was made in Paris, we saw world diversity, unity and rational action.  Pray a higher community force has the real will to save our planet; and hopefully, save the U.S. from The Offald and the Nation of War.

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