Letter: Kirk’s priorities not addressing citizens

Today I received two emails from Senator Mark Kirk.

The opening paragraph of the first email read, “The bill funds the Department of Defense at the highest level since 2012, including a pay increase for military personnel, and provides for increased aircraft procurement, shipbuilding, and resources to support our military and our allies.”

Christmas present to the war profiteers a quid pro quo for campaign funding. Always money available for killing, never enough for healing.

The second email opened, “Last week, I supported a bipartisan bill to fund critical programs and keep the government open. This bill includes strong support for our greatest ally in the Middle East, Israel, while providing additional oversight to curb Iran’s efforts to support terrorism.”

Can’t be a Christmas present. We can cannot criticize a foreign country which emulates our policies of seek and destroy.

I would have appreciated these emails more if they would have addressed the needs of the citizens of Illinois. Increased military spending always comes from reductions in domestic social programs. I expect more from a Congress which is projected to work 80 days in the coming year.

Richard Kanak
Cherry Valley

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