Letter: The need for Alzheimer’s care

As the manager of a local social service agency that provides services for the elderly, including individuals with Alzheimer’s disease, every day I see how devastating Alzheimer’s is and how important it is to find a cure. Alzheimer’s is one of the top 10 causes of death and is the most expensive disease in the U.S. It is the only disease in this category that has no cure nor course of treatment that can reduce the condition’s impact. As a result, Alzheimer’s costs our healthcare system more than any other disease.

As the year draws to an end I remain hopeful. With still no budget, I am hopeful that Illinois politicians can learn from the federal government’s recent example of how to work together, compromise and craft a working budget. As devastating as Alzheimer’s is – I still maintain hopefulness. My optimism lies is the promise of a cure that comes from research. By supporting the budget, Congresswoman Cheri Bustos voted to make the National Institute of Health research on Alzheimer’s a priority. As an Alzheimer’s Association Ambassador, professional caregiver and concerned citizen, I applaud Congresswoman Bustos for helping those affected by Alzheimer’s disease maintain their hope, as well.


Kelly Hillan
Ridott, IL

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