What we’re reading: Dec. 30

Finished this week’s copy of the paper and searching in vain for something else to check out? Here’s what we’re reading today.

Tamir Rice and America’s Tragedy | The New Yorker

It’s more accurate to think of the circumstances that led to Rice’s death as a kind of default setting, not a “perfect storm of human error.”

New expense for college football programs: Looking good | USA Today

College athletics programs are spending tons and tons of money on decals.

The Sexual-Assault Charge Against Bill Cosby | The Atlantic

Pennsylvania prosecutors have charged the comedian with aggravated indecent assault in connection with a 2004 incident.

23 Things To Look For When You See Star Wars: The Force Awakens Again| io9

Maybe you’ve already seen it three times, but what else are you going to do this weekend?

Why The Government Just Banned Those Plastic Microbeads in Your Facewash | Slate

The little plastic beads in your soap and toothpaste are piling up in our waterways, and (disgustingly) your gums.

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