State: Plate renewals down after notices cease

Taxpayers are saving hundreds of thousands of dollars a month because the Illinois Secretary of State is no longer sending out license plate renewal notices, but some drivers may be forgetting to renew their plates.

Dave Druker, press secretary for the secretary of state, says in a cost savings move spurred on by the ongoing budget impasse — now more than six months old — the office stopped sending out notices in November. Druker says not sending the notices through the mail saves taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars a month.

“It’s an interesting thing,” Druker said. “We estimate we save between $450,000 and $500,000 dollars a month by not doing that mailing and what’s interesting that when that became public some people raised the issue of, ‘Why are you doing that at all?’”

But there could be a downside for forgetful drivers. Druker says since the renewal notices stopped going out there has been a reduction of renewals in November by 20 percent from the year before. In December there was a reduction of close to 30 percent from the year before.

Druker says drivers can get up to three electronic renewal notices for no cost by contacting the secretary of state or they can check their license plate sticker for the expiration date.

Failing to update the sticker will lead to a $20 dollar fine upon renewal and if police notice the expired plate the driver could get a ticket.

Illinois News Network

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