Local musicians weigh in on transcendent Bowie

“David Bowie was an uncompromising artistic genius who transcended musical genres, fashion, image and gender. He was also a huge influence on almost every artist that came after him. A talent of the highest level until the end.”

-Erv Karwelis, President IDOL Records, former Rockford resident

“The world should always have a David Bowie in it. Everybody who comes after him is nothing but an imitator. He is also the author of one of my favorite lines: “Under the moonlight, the serious moonlight.” When is the moonlight NOT serious? One of a kind.”

-John Brizzolara, musician and former 96.7 The Eagle DJ

“Bowie’s music meant beauty, quality, depth, but most of all originality. It took my mind on a journey that I loved.”

-Gregory Michael Stahl, local blues guitarist

“Bowie’s been such a recurring presence in the music world; it won’t be the same place without him.”

-Bun E. Carlos, Cheap Trick

I’ve always been attracted to the odd, so David Bowie appealed to me very early in life. I think maybe the show Night Flight was the first time I experienced his act visually. It was shocking and I loved it. I was also always impressed at the way he reinvented himself over the years.”

-Tom Buchko, local musician

“I promoted one of his shows in the Chicago area after I left the Metro Center. The CFO of my company (female) was ga-ga for him. After I had alerted him about her feelings, I took her backstage to meet him. He put on an overt flirting show for the ages. Needless to say, I got whatever I needed after that.”

-Doug Logan, former General Manager of the Rockford Metro Center

“I loved Bowie and it is hard to put into words how much his music influenced me. My girlfriend is the biggest David Bowie fan I have ever known. We have had many dinner table discussions over which albums we were feeling at the time, it usually boiled down to Ziggy vs Space Oddity.”

-Stu Patterson, Kate’s Pie Shop

“I consider David Bowie, the ultimate ground-breaking artist of my generation. He had an innate gift to continually transform his style (musically and visually), and push the envelope of what was trendy and cool. He also made people think outside the box. Regardless whether you were a fan or not, his legacy will continue to inspire countless musicians and artists way beyond our short time here on this planet.”

-Lou Musa, former Rockford resident and lead guitarist of The Verve Pipe

Compiled by Todd Houston

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