Your Horoscope: January 13-19

By Denise Guzzardo

This week

Mercury moves into Sagittarius complimented by Jupiter making the weekend of January 16 a memorable one filled with promise and opportunity. Get out and about and enjoy this astrological climate regardless of the other influences that have been brewing all month. The full moon arrives on January 23 in the sign of Leo, which could prove to be a little bit on the aggressive side. Especially when we consider the influence of Mercury retrograde adding fuel to the fire. The best way to handle this type of dynamic would be to redirect this energy into something that allows us to blow off a little productive steam. Exercise or physical labor that includes the completion of projects around the home will be time well invested. Enjoy!


An unexpected guest may arrive at your home or place of business this week creating some unusual circumstances. It would be wise not to encourage this or you may end up dealing with a repeat offender. It’s not that they bring an element of danger to the mix, but more of an annoyance if it’s encouraged. Good news arrives midweek regarding financial or legal affairs, Aries.


Romantic opportunities are clear as day this week. However; the object of your affection may be a little leery of the company you keep. Be cautious as to who you allow within your inner circle and take a serious inventory of your surroundings. You don’t want to miss out on a fabulous connection, Taurus.


You are finally back on your normal routine that provides you with a fresh perspective over the next few months. The heart wants what the heart wants. However; you may need to be the one to step up to the plate and do something about it. Especially if there were hard feelings in the past. If someone has been haunting you and weighing heavy on your mind, it’s time to make a stand, Gemini.


It may feel as though the more you try to make something right, the more complicated it becomes. Maybe this time you need to just worry about your own heart and peace of mind and let everyone else fend for themselves. Your feelings are just as valid as the next person. If another cannot recognize this, find someone who can, Cancer.


Whenever you can take the heat for someone else you seem to do it with grace and ease. This time it may be best to let them suffer the consequences of their actions on their own time. You have far better things to do with your time and energy this week. A hectic schedule with positive activity puts you on top of your game. You don’t need a stick in the mud bringing you down, Leo.


It’s time to reach out to that emotional friend or family member and clear the air. It’s been weighing so heavy on your heart and mind, now is the time to take some action. Regardless of the outcome you will know in your heart you did the right thing. Setting a boundary with an overbearing relative may be a difficult task, but it needs be done. You’re having trouble seeing how much this is taking a toll on you, Virgo.


A touching scenario arrives this week with a family member or true friend. You are able to tap into the core of this being with crystal clarity. As a result of this you learn more about yourself. The things that make you tick inside become more delightful to you now. There is a business lead or a job opportunity that you need to follow up on at this time. In the long run this will be the best fit, Libra.


You are finally beginning to crawl out of a financial hole. Just breathe deep and know that you can finally develop your path and long-term goals. At week’s end you may receive some unexpected news about a friend or relative. Wait until you hear both sides of the story before you make a judgment call, Scorpio.


A love from your past may arrive at this time and you may not know quite how to handle it. When in doubt, keep your mouth closed and your ears relatively open. You have other options arriving in the near future so you may not want to lock yourself into a familiar pattern that you know what the possible outcome will be. You’re knocking it out of the park with finances by week’s end, Sag.


Another day another dollar, this is becoming a bit of a monotonous course for you. You need to take a day (or two) off and regroup your mind, body and spirit. Once this is accomplished you can go back to your daily routine with a fresh perspective. Romance may need a little TLC this weekend. Little things mean a lot, Capricorn.


The only way around it is through it. To evade and avoid a pressing issue will only exaggerate the outcome. In the long run this will be easier than you think to resolve. Midweek it’s back to business. Catch up with phone calls and appointments to develop a stronger client base. The next few months provide expansions with career, Aquarius.


You finally have the opportunity to speak your peace. Knowing this, choose your words with love and care. Your ability to move mountains will arrive midweek. Everything happens for a reason, the answers you’re looking for will arrive at week’s end. Your finances will improve immensely, Pisces.

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