What we’re reading: January 13

Finished this week’s copy of the paper and searching in vain for something else to check out? Here’s what we’re reading today.

Illinois child welfare agency left millions of federal dollars unclaimed | Chicago Tribune

 What to Do with the Money If You Actually Win Tonight’s Powerball Jackpot | Two Cents

“You have a better chance of getting hit by lightning in a frog thunderstorm than you do winning the Powerball, but hey, it’s always fun to play billionaire.”

The Biggest Dinosaur In History May Never Have Existed | Five Thiry Eight

Samples from what was described as the largest animal ever have been missing for more than 100 years, and many people think that they may never have existed at all.

RIP, St. Louis Rams: A tough lesson in the business of pro sports | Yahoo! Sports

“If, as Calvin Coolidge long ago declared, the business of America is business, then there are few businesses more American than the National Football League.”

The Junior Militiaman Anti-Government Playset | The Nation

“Now with real firearms!”

Paul Ryan Quietly Doing Seated Ab Exercises Throughout State Of The Union | The Onion

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