State: Recall amendment has bipartisan support

Voters should be able to recall any elected official in Illinois they’ve lost trust in. That’s the goal of Harvey Democratic State Senator Napoleon Harris’ proposed constitutional amendment.

Senator Harris said Wednesday his proposed bill, which hasn’t been filed yet, will hold elected officials accountable, not just in Chicago, but all around the state. Harris equates recall to when someone buys something they later regret.

“Sometimes as you go and you buy gifts for people you have buyer’s remorse. This is more so voter’s remorse. So this is an opportunity that if you break the public trust the voters should have the opportunity to voice their opinion and elect someone they feel can do the job.”

Harris says other recall proposals that focus on Chicago don’t go far enough.

“I know Chicago is one of the many places that people see on the news and they see nationally the impact that it has on various communities, but this is an epidemic throughout our entire state and this measure simply is to make sure that all elected officials are held accountable for their actions.”

The bill hasn’t been filed yet, but Harris says that his measure — if approved by the General Assembly — would put the proposed constitutional amendment on the ballot for voters to decide this November.

Republican Representative Mark Batinick filed a similar measure in the House earlier this month.

Illinois News Network

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