Your Horoscope: January 20-26

By Denise Guzzardo

This week

A reminder that Jenniffer Weigel and Thomas John the Manhattan Medium will be appearing January 28 in Rockford at the Mendelssohn Club from 7-9 p.m. I found him to be one of the most authentic talents in my field I have ever had the opportunity to experience. Tickets are available at The full moon in Leo January 24 inspires new ideas and opportunities to evolve. However; with Mercury going direct January 25 the weekend could be a little bit reckless. We need to keep our eyes on the road as well as prepare ourselves for unexpected delays. When Mercury goes direct it can be just as loud and tough as when it goes into retrograde. We are moving from rough to smooth water now, just hang on to the side of the boat a little bit longer. Sixty-two more days until spring my friends.


A fabulous promotion or business opportunity is arriving during this lunar cycle. Put your best foot forward and emphasize your strengths. You have a wealth of knowledge as well as the passion to see this through. Do not doubt yourself. Get plenty of rest and make sure you’re hydrating your body. Midweek provides the turn of events you’ve been longing for. Romance is shifting for the better by week’s end, Aries.


Don’t drop the ball with your romantic partner, you may need to put a little more effort into this collaboration. You may be overlooking someone that has been very prominent in your life. Love finds its way when the timing of things are in perfect order, this is becoming the time frame when things are very clear. Open your heart to opportunities presented now, Taurus.


Romantic aspects seem to align as long as you’re able to speak from the heart. If you have been pining over someone that continues to haunt your emotional state of mind maybe it’s time to contact them and get to the bottom of it all. However; you need to be the one to make the effort. They cannot do this on their own. Trust issues are key here, and trust needs to be rebuilt, Gemini.


Finances may be a little tight at the beginning of the week, but as this week unfolds you will see the pressure release as well as see the light at the end of the tunnel. You may have your eye on a specific item that you have been considering purchasing for quite some time now. You will see that this will become a reality as summer approaches. We must always remember to pay ourselves for our hard work and effort, the rest always falls into place, Cancer.


It may seem as though the universe is purposefully testing your patience. Timing is everything and the perfect fit will arrive in the month of March that promises to improve the quality of your life. Friends and loved ones are only trying to help and don’t really mean to interfere with your progress. Those around you are concerned with your overall health and emotional wellness. Listen closely to the observations of others they may be dead on, Leo.


You are about to experience a huge breakthrough with a large client or a possible employment option. Keep your eyes and ears open now. Positive influences behind the scenes are creating major turning point in the weeks to come. This will also open doors for new social connections as well. Those of like mind want to get to know you better, Virgo.


Try not to second guess your choices this week. You are in a position to get the help you need with your mind, body and spirit. You will become more consciously aware of how you have sabotaged yourself in the past and now you’re arriving in a brand new time frame. Friends and loved ones offer support, take time out to socialize. You will learn new things about yourself as well as those around you, Libra.


You are defiantly questioning the actions of those around you lately and for good reason. Too many unresolved issues have been on the table lately, and they are all getting cold. You may be put in a place where you have to evaluate your role in this mess as well. If you are unable to do this, nothing will heal. Embrace the change that is presented to you. Scorpio.


You’re about to give birth to a tremendous creative endeavor that will improve the quality of your life for years to come. Try not to be afraid of this transition, embrace it instead. The powers that be are willing to promote you and hold you in high regard with your expertise in this particular endeavor. You may find yourself extremely emotional by week’s end. I suspect tears of joy as opposed to tears of sorrow, Sag.


Time to clear the air with someone that you have been avoiding for quite some time now. The more you avoid this the more complicated this becomes. The more outside influences get involved, the more nonsense it creates. Do not attempt this on the weekend of January 24. Before or after that time frame you’ll get the results you need. You may be pleasantly surprised to find the outcome is much more productive than you imagined it could be, Capricorn.


Now may be the time to make that major purchase you’ve been considering for quite some time now. You can trust that your finances will hold out strong over the next year. If you have activated a savings plan recently you can feel confident enough to put a little bit more into your investments without feeling pinched. An unexpected surprise midweek leaves you feeling extremely loved and cherished, Aquarius.


It’s time to make a decision regarding your home or personal life. What you thought might be a perfect solution may not be what the doctor ordered after all. Slowly but surely you develop a game plan. Be confident, after that there is no looking back. By week’s end the perfect solution for an unresolved issue arrives, Pisces.

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