Hononegah still looking for dome answers

By Erin Kolb

Two weeks ago, School District 207 began to assess damage to the Hononegah High School dome, which deflated overnight on Dec. 28.

The district’s insurance adjustor, along with forensic engineers and architects, are still in the process of determining what caused the dome to collapse.

After reviewing the footage, superintendent Lynn Gibson said investigators were able to determine the dome deflated over a period of four hours.

“It is important to know that the dome has always been a safe place for our students to spend time, and staff and students would have had ample time to evacuate,” said Gibson.

District 207 is hoping the Board of Education will approve spot-fixing and temporarily inflating the dome to remove all remaining athletic equipment and to seal the floor against the weather.

The temporary inflation is not expected to occur until the weather gets warmer.

After their job is done in the temporarily-inflated dome, the dome will once again be deflated until a future decision is made regarding repairs to or replacements of the dome.

Students returned, as scheduled, to the school on January 4.

Gibson said many local schools and organizations who have utilized the dome in the past have been generous with volunteering their facilities for Hononegah student use.

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