Your Horoscope: January 27-February 2

By Denise Guzzardo

This week

Join us Thursday as Jenniffer Weigel and Thomas John the Manhattan Medium will be appearing in Rockford at the Mendelssohn Club from 7-9 p.m. I found him to be one of the most authentic talents in my field I have ever had the opportunity to experience. Don’t miss this opportunity. Tickets are available at or at the Mendelssohn Club box office.

The new moon February 8 will be an interesting time frame to say the least. As the sun, Mars, Venus and Uranus all play significant roles within the week ahead as well. We may find ourselves attracted to eccentric individuals and sensuality may play a major role in the attraction, but keep your feet on the ground because this could be a fleeting moment in time to awaken you. Sun squaring Mars could conjure unexpected aggression or arguments. This may not be the best time try to hash out a problem. So Keep it light, keep it sensual and enjoy the week ahead. Hoping to see all of you at Thomas John’s show.


Remember everything happens for a reason even if it’s an upsetting event. Look for the silver lining within the cloud and take this time to re-evaulate your blessings. Now may be a good time to expand your social sector, or try new things. The planets provide you with plenty of options during the month of February so be open and receptive to the opportunities. Rewards arrive regarding an upgrade or expansion of your financial sector. This allows you to focus more on your personal life in the months to come, Aries.


Health issues regarding a loved one or even yourself will come to light and a solution will be provided to correct the speed bump shortly, so have faith. Romantic aspects begin to take shape and form during the month of February as well. This may be a good time to get to your favorite salon or boutique to freshen your outer appearance. When we feel good on the outside it reflects within, Taurus.


A week full of heartfelt emotions will be evident when the past crosses paths with your present life. Instead of resisting this, embrace it. Timing is everything, so explore the growth and development that you have experienced as well as those around you. That old nostalgic feeling allows you to take a personal inventory within yourself as well. An interesting twist arrives midweek with your career or financial sectors, Gemini.


You will be aligning yourself with someone who will be extremely important regarding your career path in life for years to come. This connection arrives quickly, but the clarity evolves over time. Meanwhile your romantic sector begins to align and options are available that may not have been as clear to you before. Your life’s purpose cannot be challenged by those that are too needy, as you have experienced in the past. You need an equal partner if you want to take care of something. Get a dog, Cancer.


A change in your appearance will help you feel better about yourself at this time. You’re feeling really cooped up this week. Get out and exercise or go to a movie, you’re searching for a distraction so pick a healthy one. A message from an Aries, Leo or Sagittarius woman could put you on the edge of your seat. Wait until you hear the rest of the story before you jump to conclusions, Leo.


News of a loss could weigh heavy on your heart and mind for the individual that is experiencing it. You may need to bite your tongue though because you have some opinions on it that may not be clear to others that are involved. Keep that in mind when you’re providing your listening ears. By week’s end the energy shifts into a way more stable environment, Virgo.


The fear of failure may be creating some turmoil for you or a loved one this week. Make sure that you are purposely seeing the cup half-full at this time. You have the ability to draw strength for unexpected sources, like a well that never runs dry. Take a night out on the town to relieve some pressure. Connecting with friends and family is key this week, Libra.


Try not to take the behavior of another personally at this time. A withdrawn individual may need some time to process out something stirring deep within them. When they emerge with an answer you will be the first to know. Until then move wide of this aspect and go to other sources for refreshment. There are plenty of wells to draw from at this time, Scorpio.


The planetary influences pack a powerful punch for you, especially in your career arena during the month of February. The new moon February 8 compliments these dynamics and the follow up arrives with the full moon February 28. If you have been spending time mooning over a past love or someone that did your wrong, it’s going to get in the way of this dynamic energy. So clear your head once and for all and hit the pavement running, Sag. You won’t regret it.


Exciting news arrives this week regarding a person or situation from your past. This is a positive time frame to resolve a long-standing issue. Midweek allows you the time to get out and about. You’re able to network as well as socialize with those of like mind. Humor may have been missing from the mix as of late. This is the key to your emotional well being, Capricorn.


Pay close attention to the elements around you at this time. Someone may not be acting like themselves and could even be self-destructive. Don’t underestimate this situation under any circumstance, utilize your intuition to the fullest extent this week and act accordingly. You won’t regret it, Aquarius.


You are in a very powerful position to make a difference in someone else’s life at this time. Make absolutely sure that this is a positive influence. Everything you send out will come back to you in full form. You deserve to be blessed as much as the next person does, maybe this is a test to see how you handle a specific karmic task. Choose your words ever so carefully at this time, so that they do not come back to haunt you, Pisces.

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