Great silent leader of Black History in our community

This month we celebrate Black History, a month set aside to honor some of the most influential Black Leaders or people who have made great contributions to our society. Such people do include Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, Booker T. Washington, Malcolm X, Harriet Tubman, Shirley Chisholm, the list goes on and on and on. All these are very well known, but there are great silent leaders in our community, here in Rockford, Illinois.

This year I tell the story of Pastor Marie Mitchell, Temple of God Holiness Church. She and Elder Mitchell have had nearly 100 foster children come through their doors. They have raised several until adulthood. She always gives love and the teaching of the Bible. I’ve witnessed some of these children staying in her life and having children of their own. The children call her Grandma and Elder Mitchell, PaPa.

She is a woman who prays daily for her country, family and leaders of the world. She is a fine example of God’s love. Pastor Marie Mitchell will be 82 years old on Sunday, February 21 and her last child just returned home to his father. She had him since the day of his birth even though the people said she was too old, “you can’t handle another child.” She took him in for two years and raised him in the church while the father got himself together, got a home, went to classes and got on the required medicine.

I’ve witnessed her feeding the hungry and giving clothes to the less fortunate. She visits the sick in the hospitals and nursing homes. She is always praying. I know of these things because she has helped me when I was at my low point in life. As a Veteran, I suffered from many illnesses. She helps my family by telling us how much God loves us.

I witnessed this family miracle because the boy was my son Michael Prunty and the lost soul was me, Floyd Prunty Jr. I call her Moma and Elder Mitchell, Papa, so does my son and most of the church members.

By far, Pastor Marie Mitchell, in our community is a person worthy of Black History. Pastors, foster children, 100 plus, and other clergy all agree, she’s a woman after God’s heart. Pastor Marie Mitchell is truly one of the unsung heroes of our day. Come visit her at Temple of God Holiness C.O.G.I.C Church, 813 Concord Ave.

Floyd Prunty, Jr.
Voice of the Community

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