Your Horoscope: February 17-23

By Denise Guzzardo

This week

A calm and balmy planetary climate arrives this week, allowing most of us to calm down and regroup. Venus moves into Aquarius on February 16 providing us with creative ways to solve problems as well as beautify our surroundings. This would be an excellent time to consider changes with our personal appearances or living space. Venus will be more than willing to compliment those aspects. Enjoy!


Avoid making promises that you can’t keep at this time. It’s better to gather more information about an individual or a situation before you jump in too deep. Contacting an individual from your past may not work out as you anticipated at this time. It may be better for you to leave this sit for now. Progress with financial debt slowly but surely evolves now, complementing your long-term goals, Aries.


An impromptu gathering provides romantic interests for those of you who may be seeking a love connection this lunar cycle. Crawl out from under the blankets and accept those invitations to socialize, you won’t be disappointed. Midweek brings a surprise encounter with an individual from your past. This brings positive results, Taurus


Unexpected developments with family have a surprise twist this week for the better. Someone provides you with an answer to a prayer now. The underlying negative influences of another will be exposed now. From there you will move forward with clarity and confidence. Work aspects are favorable by week’s end, Gemini.


Make your feelings known regarding a loved one or friendship this week. Others are not mind readers and your behavior may be confusing them as to what you really need from life. After a long heart-to-heart talk, you realize you are both on the same page. You will have nowhere to go but up from there, Cancer.


A career move is available for those restless Leos who feel stuck in a rut with their financial goals. Keep your eyes on the prize and expect positive results during this lunar cycle. You may be concerned about the health or welfare of a female friend or family member at this time. A close friend provides you with clues as to how you may be able to remedy an over-exaggerated problem, Leo.


Information you receive now needs to be taken to heart, even if it is not presented in the best possible light. Someone is concerned and they may be able to see something that you are currently not able to visualize. Try to listen to the facts and not allow the delivery of this to cloud your judgment. This information will be valuable in the months to come, Virgo.


Information you receive sheds light on your relationship sector during this lunar cycle. You’re more comfortable with the progress and are willing to let your guard down a little more now. After a long-drawn-out process with a work aspect, everyone is beginning to see a shift in productivity at this time. Financial windfalls from this will be evident shortly, Libra.


New business, new friends and fresh social activities will begin to emerge during this lunar cycle. Take advantage of these powerful, positive influences and say yes to invitations to impromptu gatherings now. A change in your appearance is evident as well. You radiate health and sensuality. Your efforts personally and professionally are beginning to pay off, Scorpio.


The focus has been on finances and for many of you this seems to be wearing you out with worry. Never fear, Saturn is here to help you. Saturn arrived in Sagittarius late December of 2014 allowing you to develop your spiritual, emotional and physical muscle mass. For many it arrived like a wrecking ball, yet this time frame will provide you an opportunity to restructure your life on many levels. Leaving the past in the past is highly recommended, Sag.


An offer of work or additional business will be available now. Check it out, this may be just the advantage you need to make your long-term goals a reality. There has been an element of stagnation so this will provide a breath of fresh air into your daily routine. It appears like you may need to hash out some emotional aspect with another at this time. Go for it and choose your words carefully, Cap.


Remove those individuals from your life who are not a productive part of your long-term goals and dreams. Time has a way of sneaking up on us all. Your progress with emotional or financial situations may be affected by your choice of comrades at this time. Surround yourself with those who have a positive influence on you now, Aquarius.


Financial or legal matters will be resolved in your favor shortly. An unexpected financial situation puts you at the head of your class at this time. An idea that you had in the past will fall into place now. Timing is everything, take this opportunity to move forward with a career or creative project. This will be the year that this is well received and understood, Pisces.

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