Your Horoscope: February 24-March 1

By Denise Guzzardo

This Week

We have moved into the sign of Pisces which encourages creative projects as well as emotional stimulus. It can feel as though we need to hang on to the wall from one day to the next. Yet clarity arrives at the same time causing us to second guess everything. The full moon in Virgo on February 22 will leave some rippling effects throughout this week. The power packing aspect arrives March 8 when the solar eclipse in Taurus provides us with the opportunity to let go of the past. Take advantage of this support. Enjoy!


Previous efforts with a large career move continue to create rippling effects in the months to come. Your work will be seen and shared with those that can benefit from your gifts the most. Make sure you’re resting, exercising and eating your Wheaties because the spring and summer months will be packed with activity. Romantic options are abundant, Aries.


You may be surprised when you receive a long-distance call or letter from someone in your past. This is a great time to emotionally catch up and get the scoop surrounding those you care about. Upsetting news may also arrive regarding the health of another, keep in touch and offer emotional support. The outcome will be better than initially diagnosed, Taurus.


You may need to open the door a bit for a friend or family member. Lately those around you could accuse you of acting like a bear in hibernation. In other words you’ve been in your shell way too long, time to get out and about. Travel plans are on the horizon for you or a loved one that prove to be beneficial on a personal and professional note. Friday all eyes are on you, Gemini.


A family gathering could start a new foundation of love and expression. We all get overwhelmed with daily tasks and activities as the time keeps rolling by. Precious moments are few and far between and life is very short. A healing energy surrounds your home and family at this time. Embrace this aspect, Cancer.


An answer to a prayer arrives with career shortly. Upgrades with financial gain allow you to feel relieved and refreshed. You’re coming into an extremely busy time now. Make sure you’re taking time out to rest and regroup. An unexpected loss may leave a friend or loved one spinning. Offer your love and support, Leo.


Try not to waste so much valuable time on the negative behavior of another now. Yes it is true that an organization or individual is jealous of your success. However; there is nothing you can do to change that. Allowing them to make an impact on your happy life will only encourage them to win. Continue to rise above the pettiness and beat them at their own game, Virgo.


Try not to work yourself into a tizzy over a family matter now. The outcome of this situation turns out way better than you expect. Finances begin to take a turn for the better at this time. Your long-term goals and ambitions begin to stretch past the point of your imagination. A significant other is provided a new opportunity as well, Libra.


Romance is not necessarily a substitute for all of the responsibilities you’ve had on your plate recently. However; it is a start anyway. If you can allow someone else to let you feel good or respect you then it becomes easier to respect yourself. There is no more room for self punishment in your life, delete it!


Spring is just around the corner and business begins to flourish at this time. You have the eye for the perfect fit in your work environment and others are recognizing your gifts. Unexpected public acclaim or recognition arrives at this time. Put your best foot forward and dress for success, all eyes are on you this week, Sag.


You’re tying up loose ends and you’re able to enjoy some free time shortly. Take some time away to regroup and heal your overworked mind and body. You don’t have to alienate yourself in order to keep in check. You can balance your priorities, time and energy with ease now, Capricorn.


This is a fabulous time to launch a creative project that has been sitting on the back burner for way too long. It’s been wise of you not to put all of your eggs in one basket and that will be emphasized in the months to come. There are many ways to creatively expand your finances, so take some risks and accept the payoffs now, Aquarius.


If you feel a bit isolated you may need to put yourself out there a little more. Some of those around you may be shutting down a bit to regroup, try not to take any of this behavior too personal. In the meantime, this allows you to explore new relationships and activities. Your personal life is getting ready to expand. Keep an open mind and an open heart, Pisces.

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