Your Horoscope: March 9-15

By Denise Guzzardo

This week

The solar eclipse in Pisces on March 8/9 will be the emphasis of this week providing plenty of highs and lows. However; this is a great time to remove old worn-out items, ideas and habits. This planetary climate will support such endeavors, as well as allowing plenty of time for self reflection. This won’t be as complicated as it may appear, but if we’re going to choose this week to go toe-to-toe with another, I wouldn’t advise you to bring a knife to a gunfight. Some things are better off left unsaid. Enjoy!


You’re off to a good start regarding a new business arrangement or creative project. Connections you’re making now will continue to grow and develop throughout the entire year and well into 2017. This is a time frame where you can remove annoying debt as well as create a solid foundation for your future. Midweek provides you with a fresh romantic encounter, Aries. Enjoy!


A final disbursement of tied up funds will be released and distributed in your favor or in the favor of a loved one you cherish at this time. This puts your mind at ease and now you can focus your thoughts and energies in other directions. Those annoying home projects begin to disintegrate one by one with the help of those professional connections you have aligned yourself with recently. Doing it yourself is fine, but when you weigh and balance the time and energy spent it’s best to employ those who are fair as well as competent, Taurus.


Your overly hectic schedule begins to stabilize during this time frame and you’re in a position to take a breather before the next surge begins. Use this time wisely to focus on rest and relaxation, as well as exercise and proper nutrition. You’re aligning some magnificent paychecks in the coming months to balance out any financial strain. Things are looking up, Gemini.


Now that you’re back on a regular schedule you can begin to indulge in your favorite hobbies that you have unintentionally set on the back burner for quite some time now. There is no place like home and you are enjoying the time you have with family and loved ones within the comforts of your own four walls. Romantic aspects are beginning to align during the month of March. All eyes are on you, Cancer.


Everything begins to slow down to a snail’s pace for a while midweek. Try not to panic, this is giving you the opportunity to rest and recover a bit from a health issue or an overbooked schedule. Romance opportunities are becoming a focus at this time. A love from your past has an epiphany and may be in an emotional place to share it with you. Be open and receptive, Leo.


A friend or romantic interest may call you on the carpet about your behavior. Count to 10 before you lash out and try to take a good look at what they are trying to say. Maybe they are worried about your health and welfare. Don’t dismiss them until you’ve had the chance to digest their intentions. They may be trying to help you out. Your fuse can get quite short at times so try to lengthen it a bit this week, Virgo.


Your worries about your personal life will become unfounded shortly. The past has greatly affected the way you see your future unfolding. Innocent until proven guilty should become your motto at this time. Trust and be trustworthy and all will fall into place. Take a day off to get all of your annoying responsibilities out of the way. Once you feel caught up it’s easier to stay that way, Libra.


You will be watching the motives of another very closely at this time. Someone is preparing to fall short of their responsibilities and allow you to pick up the slack. You will need to set a boundary with this person immediately, otherwise the inmates will take over the prison. Put an end to ugly gossip that is flying around the neighborhood or workplace at this time. You will be held in high regard if you do, Scorpio.


This will prove to be a very lucky time frame especially with financial aspects. An unexpected windfall will occur now. Your hard work and efforts are noticed by others as well as your talent. The media may take a shine to you at this time. A phone call from a friend or lover from the past will prove to be very enlightening, Sag.


Busy schedules have not permitted you to connect with friends or family as you would wish to until now. It almost appears as though you may feel a bit estranged from loved ones this week. Try not to take the behaviors of others personal now. As information is revealed you will find that those around you have been overwhelmed with emotional issues. Perhaps they were trying not to burden you with these aspects, Capricorn


Romance and finance are the main courses this week providing you with plenty of wells to draw from at this time. You’re making some physical changes that will affect your emotional status in a positive light. Now would be a good time to leave some bad habits behind for good. Not only will this improve your health and outlook, this will also fatten up your wallet, Aquarius.


Once you make the decision to change residence or a career path, stick to it! Change is not an easy element to deal with. The unknown always kicks up some fear and reservations, but you need to break free of the stagnation that’s been bringing you down. Even your loved ones will encourage you to take a leap of faith. Go for it, Pisces.

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