Political Endorsements: Republican Primary Ballot

By Frank Schier 
Editor & Publisher

President of the United States
  • Donald J. Trump
  • Ted Cruz
  • Marco Rubio
  • John R. Kasich

The Rock River Times endorses John Kasich. The Ohio Governor is only level-headed candidate remaining in the field, even though he placed third in Michigan just last night. I like his experience and very calm demeanor. I can clearly see him as our nation’s leader and statesman. I cringe when I think of Rubio, Cruz or Trump in that role. Those three make me see why there are so many inquiries about moving to Canada. In what may be a predictive piece, The Washington Post reported the following on MSN.com: “Kasich showed no signs of backing down during his MSNBC interview Tuesday. ‘You can feel the momentum here in Michigan, thank goodness,’ he said.

“His base of support was evident in the views of voters such as Kate Hude, a 38-year-old attorney in Lansing who said she supported Kasich and feared that the other candidates “are destroying their party.

“‘I’m anti-Trump, anti-Cruz, anti-Rubio, and the Democrats don’t need my help right now,’ she said.”

Fracturing the Republican party, a spoiler, Donald Trump roils division and the poorer side of the human nature of voters. These righteously angry voters frequently say they would vote for either Trump or Sanders, rather than the broken, old-time party candidates.

I have a facetious viewpoint about “The Dumpster.” I truly think Trump is from Egypt, for he epitomizes the land of denial and deception. By his own standards, could he be a radical Muslim? He is very exclusionary. Humble inclusion and diversity are not for him. His treatment of women would seem to fit, ala comments on  former candidate Carly Fiorina’s appearance, Fox News’ Megyn Kelly’s womanly ways and now looks, and don’t forget his “hands-on” work in the 70s sexual prowess arena. I think he’d love to explore a birka. He acts like he owns oil fields, and his hair does resemble an ill-shaped Arab head-dress. He also has the entourage of a sheik, and similar security force standards towards any protesters. But really such a comparison is unfair – to radical Muslims.

Fairly or unfairly, a European friend of mine echoed a historically chilling comparison many others see as well. My friend said, after watching a Trump rally, “I felt like I was in the 1930s, watching the birth of the Nazi Party, after the broken, old-time German officials were perceived to have sold out their country with the Treaty of Versailles [dare we say NAFTA? – parallel guilt and reparations over our massive debt and trade deficit with China?]. He egotistically was ranting about ‘We must be STRONG.’ He was throwing protesters to the voices of the angry people who supported him; I expected to see Brownshirts beating the protesters. Violence did not seem farfetched. He was asking people to pledge to vote for him like the SS oath. He was even gesturing like Hitler when he gave speeches, one hand up, a forefinger extended. Trump creeps me out. He seems to follow Hitler’s propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels’ dictums, ‘tell a lie often enough, and it becomes the truth’ and give the people someone to hate. The attitude toward the immigrants, Muslims were like the attacks on the Jews. When he said ‘We must make America great again,’ the only words he left out were, ‘and pure Aryans.’ The rally was all too surreal.”

Trump has denied he has heard these comparisons, and now says he will be a “uniter.” How do you unite people when you have called for a good percentage of their families to be tossed out of the country or not let into the country? His attacks on his fellow Republican candidates have been so virulent the party is such shambles they rolled out their last failed presidential candidate Mitt Romney to attack him. That backfired and everyone who’s fed up with the failures Republican stalwarts backed Trump even more. Even the appearance of Darth Vader Cheney and Billy-the-Goat-Reader Ex-president Bush could not save Jeb Bush from a tanning at the polls.

You’ve got to hand it to The Dumpster that he has brought record number of voters to the Republican primaries. These voters are sick of platitudes and poor standards of living. Many are looking at their retirement, and getting really angry with what they see as their future condition with the cost of health care and a threatened Social Security system. And the Republicans have been doing the threatening, and grid-locking the legislative bodies so governments do nothing. People are sick of government doing nothing. Like the Frankensteinian evolution of the Republican Libertarians to the Republican Tea Partiers, these people have no tolerance or sense of compromise. The nation’s 1 percent had better wake up. They should really prefer Bernie Sander’s “Political Revolution” to the The Dumpster’s “build-a-wall” revolution. During the American Revolution, we brought down the aristocracy and made them members of the new society. During the French Revolution, the aristocracy was beheaded and all the traditional clerical and cultural institutions were destroyed by the ignorant. Kings can fall two ways, by law, or by steel. Read Edmund Burke’s comparisons of the American and French revolutions through today’s eyes and Trumps.

The huge irony is the Republican Party has the only two Hispanic candidates, Cruz and Rubio, and they are trying to swing farther out to the right than Trump. Avidly Evangelical Cruz clearly doesn’t get the separation of Church and State as much as he supposedly champions the Constitution. Does Cruz really think he can win the presidency in this modern age? Rubio actually had done some moderate work on immigration, which he backtracked on in the debates. I’m sure Hispanics in Florida loved that. Rubio’s automaton performances speak poorly as to his future adaptability.

The only logical, rational, secure choice for Republicans is Kasich. Those who see this line of thought had better pray for him to do very well in his own state and in the other remaining contests. On the other hand, I think the consequences of brokered convention could completely break up the Republican Party. All the Republican King’s horses and all the Republican King’s men had better be ready to help Kasich put that Humpty Dumpty back together again. For sanity, vote for Kasich.

United States Senator
  • James T. Marter
  • Mark Steven Kirk

The Rock River Times endorses incumbent Senator Mark Kirk. A former Navy Reserve pilot, he has heroically come back from a stroke, and is on his game. His support for veterans is complete. His experience is far beyond that of party operative Marter, and he actually came around on the recent vote to let Obama make a nomination to replace deceased Supreme Court Judge Scalia. He has done good work supporting O’Hare Airport, state rail systems and other infrastructure improvements. He has environmental credits due to his work on Lake Michigan, state wetlands and Asian Carp. Besides some anti-corruption work, he is pro-choice and supported the Violence Against Women Act of 2013. He also voted for measures that have expanded the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

Kirk is a moderate Republican and very conservative on fiscal issues. Vote for Kirk.

17th Congressional District

No endorsement for this race.

Delegate To The National Nominating Convention 16th Congressional District
  • David L. Syverson , Thomas M. Demmer, Brian M. Gabor
Delegate To The National Nominating Convention 17th Congressional District
  • Jan E. Weber, Aaron T. Tennant, Adrian M. Madunic
Alternate Delegate To The National Convention 16th Congressional District
  • Joshua J. Harms, Aren J. Hansen, Mitchell J. Bence
Alternate Delegate To The National Convention 17th Congressional District
  • Michael S. Thoms, John M. Guevara, Jodi L. Scott

Vote for the Kasich delegates in all four of these primaries if you want to see the Republican Party survive.

County Coroner
  • Karla K. Zeal
  • William “Bill” Hintz

As Deputy Chief Corner, Hintz has the experience, and is endorsed by outgoing Coroner Sue Fiducia. In the office since 1998, has vast experience dealing with the almost 3,000 deaths in Winnebago County each year. Zeal is a funeral director with a good education, but she cannot match Hintz’ acumen. Vote for Hintz.

Winnebago County Board Seats
District 1
  • Jim Dunn
  • Fay M. (Lyon) Jacobs
  • Aaron Booker
  • Randal L. Olson

While Jim Dunn deserves respect in many ways, The Rock River Times endorses Aaron Booker. He endured great injustice under the administration of former Winnebago County Sheriff Dick Meyers. His behavior and perseverance speak to his character and strength. He will make a great county board member who will stick up for the little guy, and fight corruption. Do not vote for Randal Olson unless you like politics as usual. Olson’s record on the Winnebago County Forest Preserve Board is a disaster, and he should not be in public office. Vote for Booker, a real champion of all the good principles of equal law enforcement.

District 4

  • Robert Reffett
  • David D. Boomer
  • Ilah M. Tinder

The Rock River Times endorses David Boomer. A well-known, and successful local plumber with a good business reputation, Boomer comes highly recommended by Winnebago County Board Member Steven Schultz (R-3). Since this paper considers Schultz one of a very small handful of totally honest and competent local politicians, he gets the endorsement. Boomer says he will not go along to get along and will stand up against corruption and cronyism. Voters will see if Schultz’s faith in him is deserved. A recent appointment, he has come out against the bond issue against party wishes. Accordingly, he deserves to keep the seat. Vote for Boomer.

District 6
  • Keith McDonald
  • Dianne Parvin

Too much uncertainty here. No endorsement in this race.

District 16
  • Jean Crosby
  • John F. Sweeney

The Rock River Times endorses Jean Crosby. Sweeney was instrumental in bringing forward the situation with former Winnebago County Purchasing Agent Sally Clausen and Chairman Christianson because his handlers State Senator Dave Syverson (R-35) and developer Sunil Puri did not want that fuse to burn up to them. Look at his D2s and you will see some very bad support. On that basis alone, he lost this endorsement and hopefully your vote. I used to really believe he would clean up the Winnebago County Republican Party if he was their leader. He can do some good bipartisan work when he puts his mind to it. Crosby is running against him with the theme of breaking up the cabal of Syverson, Sunil and Christiansen. Look for more good things from her in the future. That all depends on if she continues to have a backbone and doesn’t bow to down on zoning issues. Sweeney needs to work on mature decisions and part more with machine politics. Vote for Crosby. Winnebago County has to change.

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