Your Horoscope: March 16-22

By Denise Guzzardo

This week

The sun enters Aries on Sunday with the influence of Venus and Neptune. Many of you who have been struggling with fatigue or a lackluster view on life will find this astrological climate inspiring ambition. Opportunities for romance begin to develop during this lunar cycle as well. Embrace these dynamic aspects. Enjoy!


Travel is indicated in the weeks to come providing you with an opportunity to mix business with pleasure. Mind your temper especially with your elders during this lunar cycle. Don’t misdirect your frustrations on those that really have nothing to do with your aggravation. By week’s end, an unexpected windfall arrives allowing you to balance your budget, Aries.


It would be best to stay out of a family dynamic that doesn’t really concern you during this lunar cycle. Both sides need to figure this out on their own without any help from the peanut gallery surrounding them. This may be a good time to develop a new creative project or expand upon friendships outside of your family for a change. When we immerse ourselves too deep into the lives of others we will eventually wear out our welcome, Taurus.


Things are looking up for you in your personal as well as your professional arena. Keep in mind that everything happens for a reason. Develop your own style of coping as well as embracing the gifts you have received up until this point in time with gratitude. There is nowhere to go but up from here, Gemini, grab the brass ring.


It appears that a past love has some regrets about decisions they made regarding you. Keep in mind that you may not be able to rekindle this aspect, too much damage may have been done to rectify it now. Finances are so dynamic and positive at this time, expect to catch up with old debt and see clear to your long-term goals and desires now, Cancer.


Be cautious that you’re not getting worked up by a family member that needs your life to follow in their footsteps. Sometimes we are served a similar scenario in order to handle the aspect in a totally different manner. Growth and development are key for each of us in our own unique way. Search for peace, Leo.


Try to be conscious of how you speak to others during this time frame. If you become too aggressive you may end up on the outside looking in. Move cautiously when you approach an intimate matter. A sensitive individual may be out of your life for good if you push them too far. Pay close attention to your vehicle at this time as well. You don’t need an unexpected expense at this time, Virgo.


You can finally breathe a sigh of relief regarding an old, annoying emotional matter. Put it to rest for good, now it’s time to celebrate. Enjoy a night out on the town with a very special someone and look at your long-terms goals this week. Others see the value in your profession and will be interested in lining you up with the right connection. Pick and choose your path wisely now, Libra.


When you expect the worst you will draw that element to you. As you know this will only begin a downward spiral that will be difficult to crawl out of. You need to release something that was way too much to handle. Try not to see this as a failure instead see it as room for improvement, a fresh start, a new beginning. Then move on and don’t look back, Scorpio.


Romantic influences will be accentuated during this time frame as well as a love from your past is resurfacing. Decisions, decisions, and yet in the grand scheme of things you are exactly where you are supposed to be no matter what anybody else says. An opportunity to expand with your career sector will arrive shortly. Embrace this element, it’s your time to shine, Sag.


You will be celebrating the good fortunes of your family or a loved one this week. You know deep down in your heart that you will get your turn this way. You’re practicing for your own positive outcome. Those that cannot support the achievements of others will not progress at this time. Protect your friends and family from those who want to put a negative spin on their lives. You will see this come full circle shortly, Capricorn.


Your schedule is overwhelmed with conflicting responsibilities and you feel guilty for not accomplishing each task. Go easy on yourself and trust that it will all get done in a timely manner. This is an extremely positive financial time frame, take advantage of this element now, Aquarius.


You can see the big picture better now than you were able to in the recent past. Additional information has developed and now the other side of the story has been revealed. A family member or friend that had been hypnotized by someone else’s perpetual bad mouthing is beginning to see that you’re alright. Give them a chance to catch up to your knowledge, Pisces.

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