State: Demmer’s public notices bill DOA

Staff Report 

A bill to pull public notices from print proposed by State Rep. Tom Demmer, R-Dixon, has died on the floor of the Illinois House.

HB 6098 would have called for the end of requiring government bodies to print their public notices in papers of record across the state.

The Illinois Press Association said that conversations with the representative had been fruitful and that they looked forward to continuing to work with Demmer and other leaders on press-related legislation.

Demmer’s bill was another in a long line of attempts by the GOP to pass similar laws across the nation. Last year, State Rep. Joe Sosnowski proposed similar legislation that failed in the House.

“Local governments know that newspapers get the message out best,” the IPA said earlier this week. “When they want to publicize issues of concern, they don’t post it on their website – they go to the media.”

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