Your Horoscope: April 20-26

By Denise Guzzardo

This week

The full moon on April 22 in Scorpio may emphasize accident-prone behavior or emotional flare ups, with that said please be cautious on or around this time frame. Mercury retrograde arrives on April 28 and departs on May 22, so be prepared and allow plenty of time to get from point A to point B. Check and double check emails and voicemails, back up your computer and be cautious during travel. However; it can break up the monotony of a long-standing problem or open doors that appeared to be permanently closed. Enjoy!


An expansion with clientele or career has you feeling on top of your game at this time. A recent connection has been singing your praises. Those that trust and follow their judgment are interested in the gifts that you provide. Put your best foot forward now, all eyes are on you. Do not let an aggravating mother figure or sibling get you all wound up at this time. Peace at all costs, Aries.


An individual you ran into recently provided you with a glimpse of what could be as apposed to what your current situation is. Hashing or recycling past relationships will only present you with the same results. Break the spell of what could have been that’s ingrained in your mind and look forward to what could be, Taurus.


A bright spot arrives midweek when an old flame or friendship, that has been out of the picture for a while now, resurfaces. Make connections and set time aside to get together with these individuals. You will receive positive news from long distance as well. An offer to travel will be on the table at this time. Go for it Gemini, you need a break.


Make time for yourself this week no matter what demands others may try to impose on you. Regardless of what a relationship may appear to be with a past love or friendship, the truth is totally opposite. If you can’t get to the bottom of this then leave it be for good. You have way too many positive aspects going on right now to allow this old stuff to shake you up. New friends and acquaintances bring positive connections now, Cancer.


You may be reading too much into the actions or reactions of another during this time frame. Try to focus on your own goals or ambitions during this lunar cycle instead. The upcoming astrological climate provides you with a tremendous amount of support financially as well as romantically. Go for it, Leo.


You may not have been amused by the repeated insanity around you, but don’t take it personal. Try to see the humor in this reoccurring aspect. This has nothing to do with you even though it is surrounding you, look for the moral of the story within this dynamic. Midweek arrives with new business contacts so you’ll want to be presenting yourself in the best possible light. All eyes are on you at this time, Virgo.


Out of the blue you feel relieved and loved and you’re willing to accept these aspects without dissecting them down to the size of a flea. You have sisters and brothers and loved ones that might not even fall into the old biological family tree. However, you’re able to recognize the connection and are willing to allow these aspects to follow through with your life. The weekend promises some mixed blessings of love and healing. Accept those around you that are in this for the long haul, Libra.


This will prove to be one of the most productive weeks that you have experienced in a long time. Friends, family and sporting activities have you presenting yourself in the best possible light. Make sure you have allowed time for an intimate gathering with food and great conversation. This is definitely a learning experience at this time, Scorpio.


Finances will continue to improve during this lunar cycle with a strong emphasis surrounding the full moon weekend April 22. Try not to worry if your week starts out slow, this is the universe providing you with a little down time to rest and recuperate before the next surge of activity. If you have been avoiding romantic opportunities it’s time to become actively involved, Sag.


It’s time to expand your social circles and this is the week to get out and about. Someone who has been checking you out will approach you with some nervous small talk. Try your best to allow them to feel comfortable. You will be amazed at how much you have in common. This energy may also affect your career sector and provide you with a new workplace for the better. Synchronicity is key here at this time. Go for it, Capricorn.


Envy doesn’t look very good on you, so the cosmos suggests you take it off and donate it to the Goodwill. If you’re having a problem with the success of another, ask yourself what you can do to improve the quality of your life. You have a lot to offer and there is no time like the present to embrace that quality, as well as share it with the rest of the class, Aquarius.


Your recent connection with family may have left you feeling a bit melancholy at this time. Try not to worry, expect good things to come for these loved ones you hold in high regard. The examples you have provided for those that are younger or less knowledgeable than you have created quite a stir. You are a big breath of fresh air at this time, Pisces.

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