Your Horoscope: May 4-10, 2016

By Denise Guzzardo

This week

My favorite medium is back again in the Rockford area. Get your tickets for An Evening with the Manhattan Medium, Thomas John, and Jenniffer Weigel at the Mendelssohn Performing Arts Center on Tuesday from 7-9 p.m. You can contact them at 815-964-9713 for ticket information. We are still in Mercury retrograde, however; it should be a little bit smoother this week than last. Mercury retrograde continues through May 22. Enjoy!


You may need to make a quick decision about a legal matter or help another with a similar situation shortly. Use your trump cards with connections that you have made in the past to solidify this deal. When all is said and done everything will work out for the greatest good. By week’s end you have a plan to incorporate the weak and the strong. All is well that ends well, Aries.


An unexpected treasure arrives from an unusual source this week. Go for it, this may have some long-term benefits as well as sentimental value for you or for someone close to you. You are full of surprises this week and everyone is elated with your energy levels now. Take extra precautions while traveling this month. With all of this additional activity arriving you do not have time for a transportation setback. Be cautious with children and pets, Taurus.


Favorable romantic aspects arrive mid-week, when a third party provides you with additional information regarding the object of your affection. Your cash flow begins to move in the right direction allowing you to breathe with a little more fiscal ease. The mental or emotional status of a valued friend may cause you some concern. Just keep your listening ears open, Gemini.


Pay close attention to the health and welfare of your loved ones or yourself during this time frame. If someone is trying to fake you out with their true comfort status, challenge them on this aspect. Many times people don’t feel they have time to be ill, so they ignore the warning signs. Keep your eyes open during this time frame, Cancer.


Be very conscious of how you are treating others at this time. Frustrations may be mounting in the workforce or with added responsibilities from an elderly family member. Try not to take this out on a loved one now. They may be spread thin and could lash out unexpectedly. The damage could be irreconcilable and regrets could follow, Leo.


The health concern of a female could be weighing heavily on your mind this week. Try not to allow this to affect your physical well-being if you can help it. Your intuition will guide you through this process with ease. A document that you have been waiting for will arrive soon. This is way more than you expected, Virgo.


The fear of failure may be creating some turmoil for you or a loved one this week. Make sure that you are purposely seeing the cup half full at this time. You have the ability to draw strength from unexpected sources, like a well that never runs dry. Take a night out on the town to relieve some pressure. Connecting with friends and family is key this week, Libra.


A change in your appearance will help you feel better about yourself at this time. You’re feeling really restless this week. Get out and exercise or go to a movie, you’re searching for a distraction so pick a healthy one. A message from an Aries, Leo or Sagittarius woman could put you on the edge of your seat. Wait until you hear the rest of the story before you fly off the handle, Scorpio.


Travel is highlighted during this time frame, as well as opportunities to expand your career into additional geographic locations. One step at a time though, allow yourself the opportunity to rest and recuperate at some point this month. The summer months will find you overwhelmed with a demanding career schedule. Eat your Wheaties, Sag.


Pay close attention to the elements around you at this time. Someone may not be acting like themselves and could even be self-destructive. Don’t underestimate this situation under any circumstance, utilize your intuition to the fullest power this week and act accordingly. You won’t regret it, Capricorn.


You have been experiencing an uneasiness that you can’t put your finger on at this time. You feel responsible or think you are missing some kind of sign from the heavens now. Don’t try so hard to fix this unknown problem. By week’s end everything will come out in the open. From there an answer to a prayer will be provided, Aquarius.


You are in a very powerful position to make a difference in someone else’s life at this time. Make absolutely sure that this is a positive influence. Everything you send out will come back to you in full form. You deserve to be blessed as much as the next person does, maybe this is a test to see how you handle a specific karmic task. Choose your words ever carefully at this time so that they do not come back to haunt you, Pisces.

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