Your Horoscope: May 11-17, 2016

By Denise Guzzardo

This week

The lucky planet Jupiter goes direct on May 9 which will provide positive influences for those on the cutting edge of new adventures. Mercury still remains in retrograde until May 22, now that we have stabilized ourselves a bit it’s a little easier to manage. Relax, stay calm and pay attention while traveling. Enjoy!


An opportunity may arrive to expand your family, two-legged or four-legged, during this lunar cycle. Even though you may feel apprehensive about it, this little being really tugs at your heart strings. The soul work that you’re supposed to do with this energy is extremely unique. Try not to let legal matters disrupt your inner peace. All’s well that ends well, Aries.


There is plenty of time to get out and enjoy yourself this weekend. Get your mundane tasks out of the way early on this week, then there will be no excuse not to socialize come week’s end. Long-distance communication reveals some interesting information now. An elderly relative isn’t being conned like you might think by an annoying gold digger. They are wiser than they are letting on, Taurus.


Miscommunication could create conflict midweek with your romantic sector. By week’s end all will be resolved peacefully. Opportunities with home and property are on the forefront. You may stumble across the bargain of a lifetime, Gemini.


Financial aspects are looking up at this time. Legal entanglements are coming to a close and opportunities to improve the quality of your life are arriving at this time. A light-haired female has some positive connections. Follow up on leads that are presented to you now. These aspects will begin to take shape and form from May-June. Romance is on hold this week, Cancer.


Gentle encouragement with friends and loved ones is strongly advised at this time. Until you have walked a mile in their moccasins you can never comprehend what really goes on within the hearts and minds of others. You may even learn something from someone of an unlike mind as yours at this time. Absorb it like a sponge, Leo.


An interesting event will create quite a stir and you want to be neck-deep in this adventure. Connections you are about to make will once again put you on the map and at the top of your chosen profession now. Meetings and promotional events put you at the right place at the right time. Take time out this weekend to entertain friends and family. You’re going to be way too busy to catch up later in the month, Virgo.


A love from your past will pop up this week creating some confusion for you. You may not know what to do with this aspect or exactly why this has a re-occurring theme now. When all is said and done you will have the knowledge you need to move forward into the present. You may need to clean your glasses a bit to see things clearly, Libra.


A final ending to a long-standing problem will arrive shortly. That way you can move on to bigger and better things now. A loved one may need a little help financially or emotionally at this time. This will help them grow and develop a better place for themselves in the long run. Investing time, energy or finances into this individual will pay off large in the long run. Expect the unexpected this weekend, Scorpio.


Romantic opportunities may arrive from afar creating an urge to shift your current geographic location. Slow it down a bit, everything will fall into place in a timely fashion. You may feel a little bit squeezed financially early on this week, but by week’s end your finances are strong and steady, Sag.


Try not to overanalyze an emotional encounter that occurred in the past week or so. Let it go and you will see improvements with this individual shortly. If you take a crowbar to try to get to the bottom of this it may end up backfiring in your face. Your heart and intentions are pure at this time. Go easy into this and all will turn out well, Capricorn.


Unexpected news from a long-distance source will leave you feeling a bit on edge early on this week. Leave this sit until you have all of the information available to you, then you will know exactly how to handle this delicate aspect. Not everything is on the table quite yet, midweek will provide you with a conclusion to this long-standing problem. Humor is the best medicine, Aquarius.


A friend or family member may be in some emotional trouble that you have not been able to see until now. Ask if there is anything you can do to help them out. Cleaning, painting or even just taking the garbage out may be all they need to feel as though they are not alone. You may also need to delicately inquire about their health and welfare. Investing some time and energy into this individual will help you learn more about yourself in the end, Pisces.

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