Your Horoscope: May 18-24, 2016

By Denise Guzzardo

This week

The full moon May 21 arrives at 1 degree Sagittarius and conjuncts fiery Mars in retrograde. Whew, not only that Mercury is going direct the following day May 22. This weekend will be full of surprises. Mars will provoke a very competitive energy, which could be a good thing, or a bad thing. Mercury going direct emphasizes accident-prone activity, yet having this planetary aspect behind us will provide some stability for the up and coming summer months. Be careful out there. Enjoy!


A change within your work sector or residence may be on the forefront during this lunar cycle. Although you may be a little apprehensive at first, a wish come true is right around the corner. A dark-haired male has a solution to a long-standing problem by week’s end, Aries.


If we hang on to the past we can never move forward into a more productive future. You’re in a competitive mode, make sure it’s a healthy competitive aspect. When jealousy bleeds into the mix it becomes counter productive not only for you, but for everyone involved within your orbit. An opportunity for travel arrives shortly, Taurus.


This will prove to be a very lucky timeframe, especially with financial aspects. An unexpected windfall will occur now. Your hard work and efforts are noticed by others as well as your talent. The media may take a shine to you at this time. A phone call from a friend or lover from the past will prove to be very enlightening, Gemini.


Everything begins to slow down to a snail’s pace for a while midweek. Try not to panic, this is giving you the opportunity to rest and recover a bit from a health issue or an overbooked schedule. Romantic opportunities are becoming a focus at this time. Single Cancers are in a position to make new acquaintances. Attached Cancers fall into a second honeymoon stage with their significant other. Enjoy!


A friend or romantic interest may call you on the carpet about your behavior. Count to ten before you lash out and try to take a good look at what they are trying to say. Maybe they are worried about your health and welfare. Don’t dismiss them until you’ve had the chance to digest their intentions. They may be trying to help you out. Your fuse can get quite short at times, try to lengthen it a bit this week, Leo.


Your worries about your personal life will become unfounded shortly. The past has greatly affected the way you see your future unfolding. Innocent until proven guilty should become your motto at this time. Trust and be trustworthy and all will fall into place. Take a day off to get all of your annoying responsibilities out of the way. Once you feel caught up it’s easier to stay that way, Virgo.


Slow down a bit here Libra. Although you should be patted on the back for your efforts and your work ethics, try not to overdo this week. Muscle pains or emotional discomfort may be something you will be working through at this time. The body and mind will heal simultaneously, they connect on very powerful levels. Take time out to get together with a friend for a meal. Relax and enjoy some down time, Libra.


Unexpected developments with family have a surprise twist this week for the better. Someone provides you with an answer to a prayer now. Another is able to help you sort out your behavior in the recent past. The underlying negative influences of another will be exposed now. From there you will move forward with clarity and confidence. Work aspects are favorable by week’s end, Scorpio.


Busy schedules have not permitted you to connect with friends or family as you would wish to until now. It almost appears as though you may feel a bit estranged from loved ones this week. Try not to take the behaviors of others personal now. As information is revealed you will find that those around you have been overwhelmed with emotional issues. Perhaps they were trying not to burden you with these aspects, Sag.


A concern over a loss may have you feeling a bit lost or distracted early on this week. Concentrate on mundane tasks and push yourself through this anxiety. Midweek this begins to lift and unexpected news from the past reveals a bright spot for you to focus on. An Aries, Leo or Sagittarius female has a connection for mixing business with pleasure. Be open for new opportunities, Capricorn.


Once you make the decision to change residence or a career path, stick to it. Change is not an easy element to deal with. The unknown always kicks up some fear and reservations, but you need to break free of the stagnation that’s been bringing you down. Even your loved ones will encourage you to take a leap of faith. Go for it, Aquarius.


Health issues may be challenging you or a loved one at this time. This is only a temporary vibration that needs to be addressed in a positive light. The diagnosis could be darker and uglier than the problem itself. Time and energy spent towards this will prove to be the best efforts yet this week. Changes will be apparent almost immediately, Pisces.

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