Area musicians talks with Orbison, Cline

In April of 2012, we reported that John Bishoff and Ron Holm, veteran performers and composers, interviewed Roy Orbison during a séance conducted at an undisclosed location. This month our reporter attended a follow-up séance. To his surprise, Patsy Cline was also present.

Bishoff: Hi, Roy. Thanks for coming back to visit. We last spoke about four years ago. Ron and I played in the Emery Christiansen Band; we opened for you in 1982.

Orbison: Emery Who? Oh, I kinda recall. Rockford, Illinois, right?

Bishoff (holds up a poster): Yes. We’re scheduled to do several concerts of your music.

Orbison: Nice poster. Glad to see y’all are keeping my tradition alive. Hey, what’s this “Sounds more like Roy than Roy” stuff?

Holm: Several folks say that about me, and a newspaper even printed it. I just sing, think about your great songs I grew up hearing, and see what comes out.

Orbison (laughing at Holm’s baldness): Well, you’re certainly not trying to look like me.

Orbison: Your poster says “Orbison’s Ring.” What’s that?

Bishoff: We celebrate your singing and how you influenced other stars from Elvis to Cyndi Lauper to the Beatles to Patsy Cline.

Orbison: Ahhhhh , Patsy. The last tour of her life was with me. I might be able to summon her. (Roy sings): “Sweet dreams of you.” (Candle flickers. Room shakes. Cline appears.)

Cline: Roy? Do you need to talk to me? Roy?

Orbison: It’s a séance. The fellas on the other side are interviewing me. People say that Ron, the bald one, sounds like me. They do an “Orbison’s Ring’ program of my music and my friends’ music too, including you.

Cline: Ron is going to sing like me?

Holm: No, mam. Our friend Jannie Nelson will. She plays in a band with John and me. She and I do duo work too; we call that ‘Trinadora’.

Holm (holding up a list): Maybe y’all can stop in at one of our concerts. (Holm reads the list aloud.)

  • May 28th at 7pm – Concerts On The Creek, 4500 Spring Creek Road, Rockford – Orbison’s Ring with band
  • June 4th at 7pm – Theater Of The Performing Arts, Ontonagon, WI – Orbison’s Ring by Trinadora duo
  • June 11th at 8pm – Main Street Bistro, 109 S Galena Av, Freeport, IL – Roy and Patsy’s Ring by Trinadora duo
  • July 29th at 6:30pm – Music on the Edgebrook Mall, 1659 N Alpine Rd, Rockford – The band and plays Roy, Patsy, and more

Orbison: I’ll be there in spirit. Remember that “In Dreams I Walk with You.”

Cline: Indeed. Make that “we” walk with you.

Bishoff: Do you have Internet access on the other side? If so, visit us at

Orbison: We do a lot of cloud computing here. I am still learning, though.

Check out next week’s issue of The Rock River Times for the complete “interview” with these icons, and check out the show at Concerts on the Creek next Saturday, May 28, for a good time and some great music!

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