Your Horoscope: May 25-31, 2016

By Denise Guzzardo

This week

Whew! Mercury retrograde is done wreaking havoc on us all. Slowly but surely we shall see there is light at the end of the tunnel and it’s not a train. With that said, it’s safe to come out of the basement now. Enjoy!


Changes with work and your financial picture are the focus this coming month. Clear away any old karmic debt and watch how the universe will bless you at this time. Concerns with a friend or family member’s health will be resolved with a fantastic outcome. Focus on the positive and avoid thoughts of those from your past. It just gets in your way, Aries.


An opportunity for self-employed or self-contracted work will arrive this month. Be open and receptive to this situation in the near future. Even if this seems to already be in the works, you may find an additional outlet throughout the summer months. Your romantic opportunities are endless during this lunar cycle. Pick and choose carefully, Taurus.


Your ability to see the other side of the story is more evident now than ever. You’re receiving some valuable information during this time frame. Use this to the best of your ability, as this will benefit others as well. Money may appear to be trickling in; however try not to let this worry you too much. You’re receiving a little down time to process your emotions. The summer months will be filled with financial opportunities, Gemini.


Financial blessings arrive in the nick of time to resolve an outstanding debt. However, it may be time to set the record straight. Misdirected anger may be causing you or a loved one a tremendous amount of heartache now. These aspects could continue even after Mercury goes direct if you don’t correct them now. Lay the law down with a pushy sibling or relative and set some boundaries. It’s time to make a wrong right, Cancer.


You have found yourself the center of attention all of the sudden and don’t know quite what to do with it. The month of May with Mercury retrograde mischief definitely tested your patience and left you wondering, “what’s in it for me?” Expect some unexpected accolades to roll in throughout the summer months. Home and property are a focus this week. In August you find the right fit, Leo.


Legal aspects could be getting on your last nerve. But fear not, the planets are aligning in your favor during the summer months. If you have closed yourself off to the rest of the world it may be time to break free of all of those behavior patterns. Now you can see just how ridiculous this situation is and how it will challenge your emotions. A female is instrumental with positive changes. You can call your own shots at this time, Virgo.


You may need to reach out to a family member for some emotional or financial support to clear up a long-standing problem with housing or transportation. In the future try to figure out a way to resolve this on your own. In either case, you’re about to make a major change with transportation or your home environment shortly. You’ve finally realized that you’re responsible for your own happiness, Libra.


You may be sensitive to a loss or health issues with loved ones early on this week. This could be creating an overwhelming burden within your psyche. Remember, everything comes back to us in one way, shape or form when the time is right. You’re such a tenderhearted soul that some days it’s difficult to view the world around you. Try to be strong and count your blessings. The summer months provide you with plenty of positive options, Scorpio.


Unexpected financial gain arrives during the month of June. Legal contracts or games of chance appear to be favoring you at this time, so keep your eyes and ears to the ground. If you have been ignoring your personal life now is the time to give that a little bit of attention. Opportunities arrive to socialize that are actually worth their weight in gold. Get out and about, Sag.


Even though it may appear that the weight of the world is on your shoulders; that is no reason to allow another’s criticism to affect your daily routine. Sometimes it appears that others want to kick you when you’re down. Stand up and fight for your rights now. You’re entitled to a little respect in the midst of all of this heartache. Finances will not be a problem in the very near future. It is then and only then that the tables will turn in your favor, Cap.


New plans and new ideas that have been swimming around in your head will take shape and form in early June. It is worth it to take a leap of faith and allow things to unfold as they should at this time. June will be noted as a record month and it appears that you’re starting the month out right. This time-frame allows you to make the right connections, Aquarius.


You will find that this is a time to clear the air with old emotional ties now. Try to do this in the most diplomatic way possible. Be cautious with flippant remarks towards those that have been supportive in regards to you and your business ventures. Otherwise, you may find yourself on the outside looking in, Pisces.

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