Your Horoscope: June 1-7, 2016

By Denise Guzzardo

This week

My favorite medium, The Manhattan Medium Thomas John, will be a guest speaker at Forest Hills Country Club on Saturday from 5-7 p.m. Please join us for an evening of spiritual discovery. The new moon arrives in Gemini on Friday providing us time for self-reflection and an opportunity to develop new strategies for our long-term goals. Many times a new moon can cause us to become irritable and restless. Avoid combative individuals that attempt to challenge your ideals. Stick with those of like mind instead. Enjoy.


All eyes are on you during this time frame as you unexpectedly find yourself in the limelight. Parties and impromptu gatherings provide the perfect opportunity to mix business and pleasure. A legal contract will be on the forefront with unexpected strength to back you. Obstacles are lifting one by one, Aries.


You may be feeling a little bit under the weather early on this week. Try not to put a guilt trip on yourself about what you have or have not accomplished. Take time to rest and focus on your health instead. By week’s end you will be able to make up for lost time and there will be room for a little amusement as well. Finances are improving this month, Taurus.


Take a moment to reflect on all of your accomplishments. There may be too much emphasis on where you are not as opposed to where you are. When you can truly embrace all that you have achieved, a second wind will arrive and take you to the next level. A past love may regret leaving you behind and want to make amends this week. It may be too little too late for you, Gemini.


You may be instrumental in hooking up people that can grow and develop from one another at this time. If you see the connection, allow yourself to become the catalyst for this aspect to take place. A little time and energy on your part will create a positive karmic payback. Romance will no longer be a struggle during this lunar cycle. What’s old is new again, Cancer.


Take the time to celebrate the achievements of another this week. If you pour some energy into a loved one’s accomplishments, your own life will show even more promise and success. There may be a little underlying fear with this individual’s leap of faith. Tell them you know they will succeed. You will score a major business contact during this lunar cycle. All of the stars align in your favor, Leo.


Large groups or organizations will be singing your praises now. Make sure you are available to receive your rewards. Hiding out in your shell will not benefit you at this time. It’s your turn to shine; comb your hair, brush your teeth, and hit the pavement running. You have a lot of catching up to do this week. A new friend sees you in an entirely different light now. By week’s end, you will have expanded your social circle even more, Virgo.


Try to find some humor in this short-term work project you’re involved in – otherwise, you will lose your mind with all of the nonsense involved with it. You may have been strategically placed in this setting to teach those around you valuable lessons. For one, how to lighten up. If they don’t end up getting it consider the source and move on. Maybe down the road it will sink in somehow. You are making a difference. It may not be evident now, Libra.


It may be time to put plan B into effect with your finances. You’re on the upswing and you have to believe in yourself. The minute we start allowing fear to infiltrate our lives we’re asking for trouble. You’ve worked hard and you’re entitled to some simple pleasures in life. An old friendship may try to revise itself this week. Although you may have your reservations regarding this aspect, it may be a good idea to hear them out. You will find knowledge in this interaction regardless of the outcome, Scorpio.


Financial opportunities arrive from unusual sources this month and business is beginning to boom. Now may be a good time to polish your social skills and expand upon your existing network. This month allows you to break the cycle of stagnation you’ve found yourself in. Romantic opportunities are in the air, Sag.


Romance will provide you with visible clarity this week. You’re in a place where you can acknowledge your heart’s desires and live your life to the fullest. Bring thanks to those who have encouraged you to take a leap of faith. If you remember to do this you will receive all the more blessings in the near future. A child or pet may require some praise and encouragement at this time. A little bit goes a long way, Capricorn.


You know exactly what you want and how to get it now. This may take some time, and patience may not be one of your strongest virtues, but this will arrive eventually. There is something to be said for earning it yourself; whether this is an item, an emotion, or an accomplishment. Now that you can see you have the ability to do this on your own, the rest should fall magically into place. You have the opportunity to resolve some differences with another at this time. Get it over with, Aquarius.


Romance may require your undivided attention this week. If you take a compassionate approach you will see immediate results. Finances are powerful and additional income may come from a creative source. It’s time to dust off the canvas and utilize these gifts of yours for the greater good. Place items you have no use for up for sale at this time. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, Pisces.

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