Your Horoscope: June 15-21, 2016

By Denise Guzzardo

This week

The full moon on June 20 arrives in Sagittarius promising a memorable weekend ahead. Romantic opportunities are abundant, as well as the ability to manifest exactly what you want out of life. Focus on your goals, dreams and ambition during this time frame. The solstice will compliment your desires. Enjoy!


Business can be a bit demanding early on this week yet there are significant improvements that arrive as a result of it. An impromptu gathering will provide you with new connections for love as well as business. Make sure you are stepping out there and accepting invitations to socialize this week. Be cautious of the neck and back during this time. You cannot afford to be laid up with this hectic schedule ahead, Aries.


An unusual turn of events with your personal life leaves you blown away and filled with possibilities this week. Slow down now and allow this to develop to its full potential. If you try to rush this, it will only create more delays. A love from your past will surface this month. Expect the unexpected, Taurus.


You’re able to clear up an unresolved issue regarding affairs of the heart during this lunar cycle. This puts your mind at ease and opens the door for new opportunities in the future. Meanwhile, your career sector continues to grow and develop at a fever pitch. Your co-workers will be singing your praises by week’s end, Gemini.


Romance starts to heat up midweek in the best possible light. The stagnation you’ve experienced recently is now breaking loose allowing you to get to the heart of the matter. Leave the past behind, do not bring up old wounds now or you will never get the chance to move in the right direction. The weekend provides you with tender moments to cherish, Cancer.


Don’t push a sore subject at your significant other this week unless you want your head handed to you on a platter. It would be best to attempt to build a foundation with the positive elements that you have with your relationship. There will be plenty of time down the road to address your concerns. Now is not the time. A gentle approach and acknowledgment of your love is all it takes this week, Leo.


Romance is loud and clear for you now even though you may not have it entirely aligned. Allow another to come to you as a whole being as opposed to trying to help them become whole. This is not your job, when you try to fix another you end up getting hurt. You are desirable, all eyes are on you. Go for it, Virgo.


Once you overcome this obstacle you can move forward in a new direction. This hurry up and wait energy is getting on your last nerve and causing anxiety. Rome wasn’t built in a day and patience has never been a virtue of yours. Remember that timing is everything. Love finds a way to conquer all, Libra.


You may feel like stepping back from a loved one, now would not be the time. Let all emotions play out for a while. Is it possible that you’re trying to fix or change them into what you think they need to be? Remember, we are all a work in progress. If we lead by example others will follow suit, Scorpio.


Romance may have left you with little to be desired early on this week. However; the fireworks have yet to be displayed. This weekend promises to be one to remember for you and your loved ones. Enjoy life’s little pleasures now. An unexpected phone call provides a ton of information. Keep this to yourself for now, Sag.


It may be time to have a heart-to-heart talk with your loved one about their emotional state. If you go about this in a gentle manner, you will get the best results. A reality check may be best for both of you now. Remember, there is still a lot of love underneath the surface of all of these fears. By week’s end you will begin to see results, Capricorn.


Finances are in tip top shape this week. You are moving into an extremely busy time frame filled with prosperity. Your personal life begins to improve as well. Recent emotional stress has put a damper on your ability to receive love. You’re a hot commodity in the months to come, Aquarius.


Romance may start out a bit bumpy this week. However; by week’s end the tables have turned in your favor. Sometimes we need to clear the air a bit before we can move forward into a deeper level of commitment. Once you have these aspects in alignment, there will be no stopping you from obtaining your goals, Pisces.

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