Commentary: The Little Shop of Horrors is killing us

By Nancy Churchill

We are unsafe with the corporate class in charge

When the gaping yaws of the insatiable profit-mongers cry “Feed me, feed me!” it’s We the People they’re feasting upon, with the help of their dutiful legislative minions, who happily comply with tax cuts and bailouts and more deregulation, having become suborned long ago due to campaign bribery, or shall we just call it blackmail.

It’s the Little Shop of Horrors all over again. And it’s killing us.

When corporate administrators like Gov. Bruce Rauner insist that social services and education across the state be slashed to fill the budget hole created by his ilk raking in huge tax cuts, we’re the ones who suffer. He makes out like a bandit.

When his kind profit selling guns and control the narrative that the answer to guns is more guns with no restraint, we’re the ones who die in mass shootings. They’re just getting richer.

When they profit from giant CAFOs, impose commodity “checkoffs” on small agricultural producers, i.e., taxes on the little guys to promote themselves, we’re the ones who are put out of business. They’re thriving.

When they profit by creating frankenfood (GMOs), insisting on no labels so we have no idea what’s in the food they’re selling us, it’s their stooges in Washington who give them a pass to kill us softly with their toxic food. They’re living high.

When they gamble with derivatives and securitization, famously called “financial weapons of mass destruction,” when they have become “too big to fail” just as they collapse the economy for the rest of us, and are bailed out at taxpayer expense to continue their casino ways on Wall Street, unimpeded, we’re the ones losing our homes, our jobs and our livelihoods. They’re raking it in.

When they profit by privatizing public education, replacing teachers with low-paid adjuncts, it’s our children whose educations are getting ripped off. They’re counting their cash.

When they profit by drilling, fracking, blowing up mountaintops, polluting water, land, air and sea, while their sycophants insist there is no harm to the earth, we will be the ones who can no longer live on this planet. They’ll be ….

Wait! They may only need cash to survive, not air, water, land, food or the love of their fellow man, as we do. But without being able to feed off us, they won’t survive, either! But they will die rich! Unlike us.

As Bernie Sanders said, “Fraud is the business model of Wall Street. It is not the exception to the rule, it is the rule.” We should listen to NY State Senator James Sanders, who said on 1/5/16, we must “turn to each other, not on each other.”

And that’s how, together, we can shut down this Little Shop of Horrors, for good! Our lives depend upon it.

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