Homemade motor bikes join cruise nights

By Frank Schier 
Editor & Publisher

Anyone driving past Park Lanes Bowling’s parking lot at 5318 N. 2nd St., last Sunday might have done a double-take – bicycles with small engines on them were parked out front with a DJ service and a wide assortment of vintage cars.

These unique cruise night are the brainchild of Joe Locke, with his Hits DJ Service.

Most of the home-made motor bicycles (getting up to 100 miles per gallon) were made by folks who like to tinker, but two high-end ones were made by the professional Jim Landis, owner of qualitymotorbikes@yahoo.com. Landis said his bikes range from $500 to $1,300. Riders noted they get easily can to 15 miles an hour, but the speed limit is 20 miles an hour for bikes.  

The cars at the show included primo restorations on a Corvette, Camero, Mustang Fast Back, Ford Falcon convertible, custom pickups and several roadsters.

Locke provides the tunes on a very fine PA system, and he has car trivia questions, complete with prizes.

With too many specific dates to list, his Stateline Summer Tour has cruise nights almost every night all over the region: at Molly’s 6329 N. Second, Loves Park on Tuesday; at the McDonald’s in the North Towne Mall on Wednesdays; Park Lanes Bowl on Sunday, and Thursdays he can range from The Machine Shed, 7475 E. State St. Rockford; to Meadow Mart Shopping Center in Loves Park; to Roscoe Village Center, to Sophia’s Restaurant, 5467 Bridge St. Roscoe; to Main Street Square, 5300 Williams Dr., Roscoe; down to JJ’s Deli and Spirits, 6935 11th St., New Milford; and then all the way down to the McDonald’s in East Moline, 727 Avenue of the Cities on some Tuesdays again.

While all of his shows are from 5 to 8 p.m., go to hitsdj.com or call 815-289-0276 for Locke’s full list of dates this July, August and September, including four other major car shows.

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