Your Horoscope: July 20-26, 2016

By Denise Guzzardo

This week

The sun enters Leo on July 22 allowing us to experience a fresh perspective and embrace new ideas. Energy levels will be considerably higher and lighter as we move into the month of August. Uranus goes retrograde in Aries on July 29. With this fiery influence, the chains of oppression will be broken. This is a wild card day where you can all expect the unexpected. Be cautious during this time as well. There will be major changes in the air that could present themselves in a bit of a sporadic way. Enjoy!


Uranus will enter your sign in retrograde at the end of the month (July 29). I’m giving you the heads up now because you may feel this shift early on. This activity will support you personally, yet it may feel like a bit of a wrecking ball for a moment or two as you settle in with it. Harness this energy to your advantage and prepare yourself for public speaking engagements that intensify your long-term goals, Aries.


Be cautious with travel or pets during this time frame. It may benefit you to consult a professional regarding these aspects before you move forward without a real plan of action. Remember Murphy’s law and proceed with caution. Don’t trip over a $100 bill to pick up a nickel. Money well spent on proper care will save you more in the long run, Taurus.


This is a monumental time frame in your life so make the most of it. The powers that be will notice a specific talent you possess and praise your passionate attributes. Romantic opportunities turn into solid foundations as we move into the month of August. Be patient, the perfect fit will be evident at that time, Gemini.


Endless possibilities arrive within your career sector and your 15 minutes of fame are due, embrace the opportunities as they arrive. If you have been lending money to someone or contributing to their lack of initiative it’s time to put a stop to that. You’re not helping them, you’re enabling them. News of a loss of a male may throw you off balance for a moment or two during this lunar cycle. However, you will recover very well, Cancer.


Be cautious with pets or children during this time frame. Overexertion or emotional stress may not be as evident to the naked eye and it’s up to you to recognize the difference. Use your intuition to keep things in check, don’t be railroaded by an authority figure that believes they have everything under control; they don’t. An opportunity for career advancement is just around the corner. Breathe, Leo.


Romance may be on the back burner the first part of this week. You need to tie up all of the loose ends that have been hanging on your last nerve recently. As the work week comes to a close, you are ready, willing and able to make up for lost time with the object of your affection. Even though this has been an uncertain bumpy road, positive clarity is arriving quickly, Virgo.


You may have lost your knack for utilizing good judgment or intuition regarding the character of another. Take into consideration that you can’t always use the past as a reference point to how another may be behaving now. In fact, the past may be getting in your way of the truth at this time. A female with an addiction problem may be creating more difficulties for you than you can imagine at this time. Stay awake and focused, you may need to call a spade a spade, Libra.


You have the tools, now you are in a position to use them correctly. It doesn’t matter that it has taken a while for everything to culminate, the time is now to activate all that you have learned. Take a leap of faith and avoid those naysayers that want to bring you down to their level. Keep your emotional life close to your heart this week. It is nobody’s business where you are headed with your long-term romantic goals, Scorpio.


Love options appear to be arriving in threes for those of you who are single. Oh what a dilemma to be in, but take your time. Anyone that pushes the envelope too strong may not be the right fit for the independent Sag. An opportunity to collaborate on a project provides a new source of income in the months to come. It’s your time to shine, Sag.


Watch the tendency to become vindictive at this time. Be very aware that everything you send out comes back to you tenfold. There is no point in getting even, living well is always the best revenge. An Aries, Leo or Sagittarius female has a great connection for you with business or a love relationship. Take time out to repair an injured relationship, you won’t regret it, Capricorn.


As of this moment, your finances are finally on track. Up until recently, you have felt as though you’re on pins and needles, robbing Peter to pay Paul. Take this time to investigate your long-term goals. It’s never too late to develop a plan for the future. With that said, trust that all of your dreams, hopes and ambitions will manifest, Aquarius.


It may be the birth or death anniversary of a lost loved one that has you feeling a little off-kilter early on this week. Try to remember that even though they are not here physically, they are always with us in spirit. Changes on the forefront with work or home have you a little confused as to which way to turn. Slow down and allow yourself to think everything through carefully. When we run off half-cocked we end up accomplishing nothing, Pisces.

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