VA, National Guard raise Pokémon Go concerns

The new Pokémon craze is creating safety concerns around Illinois’ military installations.

Pokémon Go has become the most popular mobile-phone game in history. But some roaming Pokémon players are putting themselves and others at risk.

Dave MacDonna, spokesman for the Illinois Department of Veterans’ Affairs, said the distracted driving of the players could lead to serious accidents. “We’ve had several reports coming in of distracted drivers coming onto our grounds. Our veterans’ homes are basically long-term care nursing homes.”

MacDonna said he is worried that a distracted Pokémon player could end up injuring himself, a VA employee or a patient. He said the department has been working with Nintendo, the originator of the game, to get the VA homes removed from the game.

The department has veteran homes in Anna, LaSalle, Manteno and Quincy. A total of 900 veterans live between the four facilities.

The Illinois National Guard released a statement Friday telling players that they are not allowed on the premises after several people approached gates asking for access.

–Illinois News Network

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