Your Horoscope: July 27-August 2, 2016

By Denise Guzzardo

This week

Venus remains in Leo through August 5 providing us with big love and opportunities for expansion with financial gain. Its generous influence does not discriminate, all are welcome to receive these blessings as long as they are willing to look of them. Remember, Uranus goes retrograde in Aries July 29 creating a wild-card day. The chains of oppression will be removed, hidden influences will be revealed, and many of us may witness a historic event on this day. Remember though, it can be volatile, so keep you and yours safe and sound. Enjoy!


A clean bill of health is set to be revealed regarding a family member or loved one at this time. This will definitely put your mind at ease in the weeks to come. A new venue will arrive to showcase your products or services during the month of August, so follow up on the leads that are provided for you. A love from your past presents you with a heartfelt compliment, Aries.


You are expanding within your work environment and it is being noticed by the powers that be this week. You will see growth in a positive direction regardless of what the economy is crying about. Keeping the faith and a fast moving pace puts you a cut above the rest, Taurus.


Your intuition is still playing a very strong role in how you are moving around within your current circle. If you just listen instead of talk you can read what is being said between the lines. You have the solution to a long-standing problem now. By week’s end finances fall magically into place, Gemini.


The month of August clearly opens doors for upgrades within your career sector, so keep yourself in tip-top shape. Contracts and negotiations need to be examined with a fine-tooth comb. However, you will be thrilled with the outcome once all is said and done. A love from your past will resurface; remember they are in your past for a reason my dear Cancer.


Tempers may flare early on this week so try to keep a level head about you now. Fly under the radar with such activity especially at work, keeping your nose to the grindstone and avoiding conflicts. You will get your chance to air your views soon enough. Don’t be a tattletale this week, Leo.


A romantic situation may have you spinning midweek. Your sensitive nature could be put to the test by another or a family member’s distress. Avoid trying to fix this aspect until you have all of the facts before you. Miscommunication seems to be running rampant at this time. By week’s end you have all of the information you need to clear the air properly, Virgo.


Try to put together a weekend away with friends or your significant other this month if you don’t have time for a full-blown vacation. You need time to revitalize yourself emotionally, spiritually and physically. Stress has been a prominent factor in the way you have been interacting with others. A little R&R will put you back on track, Libra.


You may feel as though someone is trying to sabotage your relationships with others this week. Try not to feed into this, instead hold your head up high and be proud of your accomplishments, no matter how great or how small they may feel to you now. Let go of the past so that there is room for the future. You are entitled to a happy, prosperous life, Scorpio.


Financial aspects continue to increase regardless of a setback you may have experienced in the recent past. Many times we just need a reminder that the universe does indeed have our back and we will not go without the things we need in life. Gratitude is key this week, the more we embrace it the more generous it will become, Sag.


Contact an old friend and make some time to break bread this week. You will be filled with stories that amuse someone that may be a bit down in the dumps. You can be the class clown when you want to be, however, you do hold a tremendous amount of insight for another as well. Your truth and your knowledge holds the key to another’s salvation, Capricorn.


Romance could confuse you this week, you may feel hot and cold then cold and hot. Whatever this is, try not to overreact to it at this time. You will have a clear-cut view of your long-term goals once we move into the month of August. Until then work activities are in full force bringing home the bacon for you, Aquarius.


Paranormal activity could be obvious in your home or work environment this week. Meditate and see if you can figure out what this spiritual presence needs from you. If you pay close attention to all of the signs you will be able to put the puzzle pieces together. It appears as though someone from the other side is trying to help you. Thank them for their support in your meditations and prayers, Pisces.

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