Your Horoscope: August 3-9, 2016

By Denise Guzzardo

This week

Enjoy the remaining energies of Venus in Leo through Friday, while romantic actions are displayed in a grandiose fashion. This passionate vibration will carry us through the week until it settles into earthy Virgo on Saturday. At that point, love and affection will be demonstrated by random acts of kindness and practical activities. Try not to confuse these actions as a lack of adoration after the demonstrative previous planetary activity. Remember, little things mean a lot in life. Enjoy!


The focus appears to be on a vulnerable water sign female during this time, and you may not know how to proceed. At first you’re willing to roll up your sleeves and do whatever is necessary to make things more comfortable for her or her family. Yet you’re not certain if you would be crossing boundaries or not. Your sense of humor balances all obstacles, Aries.


You may be pushing yourself through an overwhelming burden. Scheduling conflicts or pure exhaustion may have you on your last nerve. Take a big step back and breathe for a moment. When all is said and done you have made the right choice to re-evaluate your decisions. Vehicles may be adding additional conflicts early on this week. By week’s end, you find that a mountain was made out of a mole hill, Taurus.


The focus this week is on home and property. You may be feeling restless as you look to make a change within your current humble abode. During the month of August all of these annoying details finally fall into place so you can concentrate on other things, like your personal life for example. September promises to be an extraordinary month for you, Gemini.


A loss of a loved one may be haunting you during this time frame, creating a sense of melancholy you can’t seem to shake. Don’t fight it, embrace it instead. The sooner you do the quicker your energy will shift. The weekend promises fabulous connections with friends or loved ones from your past. You learn some interesting information as well that fills in the blanks from a previous mystery, Cancer.


This is a really good time to focus on the serious matters at hand as opposed to the supposed outside influences that appear to be controlling your life. If you are getting sucked into brush fires others are setting you won’t be able to see the truth behind all of the drama. You have other fabulous influences that will enhance the quality of your life arriving during this time. Take that to heart, Leo.


You may need to make a quick decision about a legal matter or help another with a similar situation shortly. Use your trump cards with connections that you have made in the past to solidify this deal. When all is said and done everything will work out for the greatest good. By week’s end, you have a plan to incorporate the weak and the strong. All’s well that ends well, Virgo.


You are beginning to see a long-term goal manifest right before your eyes. Now, don’t start the self-sabotaging element that you are used to out of fear. Allow this to unfold and step up to accept what is rightfully yours. You have worked long and hard to obtain your heart’s desires. However, slow down a bit and try not to put the cart before the horse, Libra.


Finances are breaking loose for the better at this time. You are able to start putting away some money for a rainy day now instead of robbing Peter to pay Paul. As a result for this you may feel the urge to splurge a bit and treat yourself to an unexpected pleasure. Take your time and choose wisely. This is a long-term commitment, Scorpio.


Self-employed or self-contracted career opportunities begin to align during this lunar cycle. Keep you ear to the ground and an open mind to expand your financial sector. Working smarter not harder appears to be your new mantra. News of a wedding or pregnancy provides you with a reason to celebrate. Say yes to invitations to impromptu gatherings Sag. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.


Now would be a great time to make lemonade out of lemons. You can’t jump the gun and assume that all will fail if everything isn’t perfect. Sometimes the greatest lessons arrive with some of life’s biggest challenges. By week’s end, you will know exactly who your allies are. Make sure that you acknowledge their presence, Capricorn.


The opportunity for a romantic encounter with some staying power is within your orbit during the month of August. This may not manifest entirely during this lunar cycle which is totally fine, but the root system will develop with the ability to move into something of significance during the months to come, Aquarius.


You may need to have a heart-to-heart talk with a family member or loved one about a child or pet at this time. Maybe you need to pick up additional responsibility in this arena or else make it clear that you are moving on. In either case, it will allow others to plan accordingly. Romance begins to evolve in a more productive pace. Keep it up, Pisces.

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