Pec Cleanup a success; Rock River Sweep up next

The 13th Annual Pecatonica River Cleanup, Sunday, July 31 was once again a success for United Sportsmen’s Youth Foundation.

pecatonica_river_cleanupA 40-yard dumpster was filled with an unbelievable variety of items dumped in the Pec. The trash pulled out of the river and pictured in TRRT Editor & Publisher Frank Schier’s canoe ranged from a garbage can full of meat and fish, to cigarette lighters, tennis balls and many Swisher Sweet Cigar packages.

Schier said, “I was surprised at the amount of styrofoam  in the river – everything from broken up coolers, to cups and to-go containers.The styrofoam seems to break up into smaller pieces and is difficult to get out of the current.

“And the huge amount of plastic bottles in the water is really sad. Brenden Walsh, the hard-working organizer of the annual cleanup, said many of the bottles come from the back beds of pickups, which get blown out by the wind and fall into the roadside ditches. The bottles are then washed into the river by the next good rain. Keep those truck beds clean!”

Schier urges readers to participate in the annual Rock River Sweep on Sept. 10, starting at the Prairie Street Brewhouse at 9:30 a.m.

“We are increasing our prize offerings from a total of $3,000 last year to $5,000 this year,” he said. “Help clean our Rock River and receive some cool prizes if you have the biggest group, the largest amount of garbage, the weirdest garbage item, the dirtiest cleaner upper, the biggest garbage item, and a few other categories we haven’t invented yet. We have fun!”  

If you or your business would like to contribute products or gift certificates to this year’s prize pool, call Schier at 815-964-9767 or email

–Staff; Photos, Frank Schier

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