Your Horoscope: August 17-23

By Denise Guzzardo

This week

The full moon eclipse in Aquarius on August 18 emphasizes an aggressive struggle, where religious or political passion could cause a disruption on a global level. The only thing we can do is avoid this rhetoric within our personal lives and pray for peace. Regardless of what your belief system is, there is nothing worth destroying our personal and professional relationships over. Peace!


A large group or organization can benefit from your expertise at this time. Follow up on the contacts that you have made and give it all that you’ve got. You’re at a turning point where if you can see your success in your mind’s eye, you can make it happen in the real world, Aries. Go for it!


You may receive a small financial windfall during the next lunar cycle, so try not to spend it all in one place. An invitation arrives for an impromptu gathering that you need to attend. Mixing business with pleasure provides excellent benefits at this time, Taurus.


You may feel as though everyone considers you to be their personal banker or loan officer during the next lunar cycle. Plead poverty, it’s not your responsibility to cover everyone else’s financial miscalculations. Home and property become a focal point in the next three months. It’s time you make your house a home, Gemini.


Exciting opportunities continue to align with your career sector, be cautious of another attempting to ride your coattails to the top. You must remember to keep all negations under wraps until a contract or agreement is firmly in place. A blabbermouth out there could accidentally sabotage your long-term goals. Less is more, Cancer.


People from the past may be crawling out of the woodwork to make a connection with you during this lunar cycle. There are many benefits to revisiting some of these old war stories; in fact, you may have a fresh perspective as to why your life path has evolved to the magnitude that it has at this point. When all is said and done, you can count your blessings, Leo.


You are in a very powerful position to protect those without a voice during this lunar cycle. Take some time out to observe the lesson in this spiritual journey. You may also be called upon to straighten out a conflict among others. Choose your words carefully as you navigate through this situation. Legal matters fall into place for you now. You have the upper hand, Virgo.


When we tip our hand too soon we sabotage the outcome of our long-term goals. Then we become frustrated with everyone around us that appears to be making headway in life. Go within and see how this may apply to your current situations and do what you can to correct this. Until agreements are set in stone keep your cards close to your chest, Libra.


Confusion may reign on the first part of this week, especially with your personal life and where it stands at this time. This is only a temporary vibration so try not to blow this out of the water making mountains out of molehills. If you can just keep your wits about you, the ruffled feathers of others will magically smooth back into place. Romance brings a positive element back into your life by week’s end, Scorpio.


Finances continue to improve during this lunar cycle, allowing you to remove the outstanding balances that have been haunting you in the recent past. Now is the time to focus on your health and wellness, physically as well as emotionally. If something doesn’t feel right get to the bottom of it, you’ll be glad you did, Sag.


Fun with friends and family members sets you in a light-hearted mood that no one can deny. Anticipation for future romantic commitments are also on your mind at this time. Your career sector provides an unexpected upgrade in the months to come. Keep your eyes and ears open for advancement, Capricorn.


You’re feeling a bit overworked but after this week’s flurry of activity things will settle down into a consistent pace that you can deal with more effectively. Finances are improving now, but September brings a positive permanent change in your cash flow that you can count on as a result of a legal matter or upgrade in pay, Aquarius.


A concern with the health or welfare of a loved one may be consuming all of your thoughts. Trust that the universe will work with this individual and your prayers will be answered. Take time out to pamper yourself and your significant other at this time. A simple exchange of energy goes a long way, Pisces.

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