New state tech agency releases first apps

Apps to help residents find state services are just the beginning of the state’s Going Mobile in Illinois initiative.

The recently created Department of Information Technology (DoIT) launched its Illinois State Fair smartphone application before the Springfield expo started last week. The app features fair-event schedules and even maps to ATMs and emergency storm shelters.

DoIT Chief Technology Officer Mike Wons said there are other applications already out, like the web-based portal I-Locate. “If somebody is interested in finding the closest cooling center, where all of the rest stops are on the highway, or if they’re looking for a DMV location, they’re able to go into the application and easily enter their ZIP code.”

Other applications include the Illinois Student Assistance Commission app and DoIT’s app for its own services.

Wons said there are more apps on the way, including apps that will help taxpayers wanting to access business and personal-license renewals, among other services.

Wons said the web-based apps will be accessible from mobile devices, which he said are becoming more accessible, despite socioeconomic status.

“We find a lot of folks that may not be able to afford some of these more expensive computers to access things, if they’ve got access to a mobile device, they’re going to be able to do a lot of things. So it really helps a lot in areas where you’ve got the rural aspect, or you’ve got impoverished areas.”

The apps are available online at DoIT’s website.

–Illinois News Network

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