Your Horoscope: August 24-30, 2016

By Denise Guzzardo

This week

As the sun moves into Virgo, we will find ourselves in a more practical as well as productive mood. The annoying tasks that have been haunting us will be resolved effortlessly with this complementary energy. Mercury retrograde arrives August 30 and remains there until September 22. Many of you will feel this dynamic easier than others. You all know the drill by now. Be careful while traveling, check and double check messages and emails, back up your computer, and so forth. Mercury affects transportation, travel and communication. Enjoy!


Take stock in what you have, count your blessings, and embrace your responsibilities. Looking at loss will do you no good now. An upgrade in your career sector is evident at this time. Take advantage of this opportunity and let the powers that be know that you are up for the challenge. You will find a great amount of satisfaction with this new endeavor, Aries.


You may need a checkup from the neck up because it appears as though everyone around you has gone stark raving mad. Retreat into your own realm and take some time to yourself. Physical activity will remove the stress that you have recently dealt with. Others give you the space you need; a love from your past returns, Taurus.


Your energy will begin to lift and emotions are shifting for the better. You have had some losses and challenges and your heart has been heavy. Expect a change for the better now. Romance is blessed with passionate aspects this week. Take advantage of this emotional windfall, Gemini.


You will be hit with some very powerful emotions that you have been stuffing down over the past six months. Whenever we choose to avoid or mask these symptoms of grief, eventually it will come back to haunt us. If you have been one of the luckier Cancers and have done your work, you will find that this is a time to celebrate. In either case, your personal life is taking a big step forward now in the right direction.


You may be curious as to why you have not heard from a certain individual as of late. Try not to assume that it has anything to do with you. They may be overwhelmed with personal issues that you are not aware of. When they are emotionally prepared they will surface as though nothing has happened; leave it alone and move forward. A work aspect is about to change for the better. Expect the best, Leo.


You’re beginning to feel like yourself again. Take an opportunity to make connections with friends and family. A new birth on a personal or professional level will remove the heaviness from your heart. Exchange energy with pure individuals at this time. A boys/girls night out may be needed soon. This will help you blow off some steam, Virgo.


You may be feeling as though you’re spread a little thin and emotional at this time. You’re hanging on the edge and it isn’t a comfortable place to be. Expect a situation to work out as the universe intended. Sometimes it doesn’t always go the way we envision it. A romantic situation takes on a new form now, Libra.


You may need to offer some emotional or financial support to another this week. Either way, you end up on top as a result of this action. You’re hearing from a love from your past at this time. This helps to tie up loose ends for the future. Your new focus in love may have you questioning the motives of this individual. Leave it be for now. Focus on your long-term goals instead, Scorpio.


A self-employed or self-contracted work aspect opens new doors for you at this time. Embrace your confidence levels and allow them to work in your favor. Try to get out and about over the next weekend. Enjoy the company of those that you have not had time for recently. This will do you a world of good in the long haul. An unexpected windfall arrives this week. At the 11th hour you’re back on track, Sag.


Try not to take the behavior of another too personal now; remember this has nothing to do with you, even if another tries to project it on you. Don’t take this emotional baggage on, you have enough of your own to contend with. Activity with legal aspects provides a light at the end of the tunnel. A breakthrough with career is evident at this time. Go for it, Capricorn.


You may have felt sensitive and insecure recently. Your intuition has played a major part in this situation. You may be worried about another’s health or emotional state. You will see a major change in this aspect shortly. A friend from your past will surface at this time. You will be delighted with the information you receive, Aquarius.


A family member may be helping you align your romantic sector. Try not to fight this so hard. It takes more energy to hide and block ourselves from companionship than it actually does to embrace and enjoy it. This isn’t as complicated as you’re making it out to be. Career moves and upgrades are on the forefront, Pisces.

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