Your Horoscope: October 5-11, 2016

By Denise Guzzardo

This week

The after shadow of Mercury retrograde will be over October 6, even though we’ve already experienced some relief over the past week as a result of it going direct. Mercury moves out of Virgo and into Libra October 7 attempting to create a fair and balanced energy. However, it can become indecisive when it comes to a one-on-one relationship status, which can become quite frustrating regarding affairs of the heart. This is not a good time to push the envelop; allow activities to evolve in their own time. Venus is in Scorpio creating a passionate exchange of energy. Utilize this planetary climate to formulate new love relationships, without pressure. Enjoy!


The focus is on your family midweek, when an upgrade in pay or a large-ticket item is sold providing room for growth and development. This will allow you to create some changes within your home or complete a long-standing project that has been annoying you. Good news arrives regarding the health and welfare of a loved one you had your concerns about. Children and pets play a significant role, Aries.


An Aries, Leo or Sagittarius provides you with a great business lead or contact during this lunar cycle. You notice a transition developing within your family and you’re not quite sure how to proceed. It would be best not to involve yourself in it until all of the facts are presented. There are two sides to every story, Taurus.


This will prove to be a very lucky timeframe especially with financial aspects. An unexpected windfall will occur now. Your hard work and efforts are noticed by others as well as your talent. The media may take a shine to you at this time. A phone call from a friend or lover from the past will prove to be very enlightening, Gemini.


A large group or organization will bring business opportunities to the forefront at this time. Accept invitations to mix business and pleasure now. Romantic aspects begin to take a turn for the better, providing you with options you had not noticed previously. Leave the past in the past, Cancer.


Everything begins to slow down to a snail’s pace for a while midweek. Try not to panic, this is giving you the opportunity to rest and recover a bit from a health issue or an overbooked schedule. Romantic opportunities are becoming a focus during this lunar cycle. Be open and receptive to receive love, Leo.


An opportunity to advance within your career sector will arrive during this lunar cycle. Be conscientious of your appearance and consider a new look to create a shift in your energy field. Romance may have been a little stale previously; however, all eyes are on you at this time, Virgo.


A friend or romantic interest may call you on the carpet about your behavior. Count to 10 before you lash out and try to take a good look at what they are trying to say. Maybe they are worried about your health and welfare. Don’t dismiss them until you’ve had the chance to digest their intentions. They may be trying to help you out. Your fuse can get quite short at times, try to lengthen it a bit this week, Libra.


Your worries about your persona or professional life will become unfounded shortly. The past has greatly affected the way you see your future unfolding. Innocent until proven guilty should become your motto at this time. Trust and be trustworthy and all will fall into place. Take a day off to get all of your annoying responsibilities out of the way. Once you feel caught up it’s easier to stay that way, Scorpio.


Slow down a bit there, Sag. Although you should be patted on the back for your efforts and your work ethics, try not to overdo this week. Muscle pains or emotional discomfort may be something you will be working through at this time. The body and mind will heal simultaneously, they connect on very powerful levels. Take time out to get together with a friend for a meal. Relax and enjoy some downtime, Sag.


You will be watching the motives of another very closely at this time. Someone is preparing to fall short of their responsibilities and allow you to pick up the slack. You will need to set a boundary with this person immediately, otherwise the inmates will take over the prison. Put an end to ugly gossip that is flying around the neighborhood or workplace at this time. You will be held in high regard if you do, Capricorn.


A change within your housing or career sector becomes evident during this lunar cycle. This is an opportunity to consider not a forced issue to be concerned about. Romantic options are favorable at this time. Explore your options Aquarius.


Busy schedules have not permitted you to connect with friends or family as you would wish to until now. It almost appears as though you may feel a bit estranged from loved ones this week. Try not to take the behaviors of others personal now. As information is revealed you will find that those around you have been overwhelmed with emotional issues. Perhaps they were trying not to burden you with these aspects, Pisces.

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