Your Horoscope: October 12-18, 2016

By Denise Guzzardo

This week

Mercury entered Libra October 7 and will remain there until October 24. Libra complements Mercury, supporting communication and partnerships during this lunar cycle. The only downside is it can make it difficult to make a decision. It can be easier to see the other person’s point of view with this planetary climate in motion (as long as you avoid talking politics). Enjoy!


You’re walking away from an individual or a situation that no longer serves you at this time. This opens doors for new opportunities to arrive in the upcoming winter months. Midweek you rid yourself of annoying tasks that have been weighing heavily on your mind with ease. That way, your weekend is clear for unexpected adventures as they arrive, Aries.


Legal documents and paperwork may become a sore subject for you or a loved one during this lunar cycle. Take this in stride, one step at a time, and you will find that the outcome is much better than you may have anticipated. Travel and finances are highlighted, Taurus.


It appears that a past love has some regrets about decisions they’ve made regarding you. Keep in mind that you may not be able to rekindle this aspect, too much damage may have been done to rectify now. Finances are so dynamic at this time, expect to catch up with old debt and see clear to your long-term goals and desires now, Gemini.


Your trusting nature may be tested at this time. You may feel as though you should have a heart-to-heart talk with a friend or loved one. This may not be the best time to try to resolve this situation. You may be  put on the grill so to speak for your heartfelt thoughts. However, you can advise another to avoid the negative talk; what we bring voice to has a direct effect on our emotions, Cancer.


A little rest and relaxation never hurt anyone. Make sure you’re taking a little downtime to recoup in between your hectic schedule during this lunar cycle. Romantic opportunities are evident, but not quite ready to manifest yet. Trust that the universe knows when the time is right, Leo.


Try to be conscious of how you speak to others during this time frame. If you become too aggressive you may end up on the outside looking in. Count to 10 before you approach an intimate matter. A sensitive individual may be out of your life for good if you push them too far. Pay close attention to your vehicle at this time as well. You don’t need an unexpected expense now, Virgo.


Business can be a bit demanding early on this week, yet there are significant improvements that arrive as a result of it. An impromptu gathering will provide you with new connections for love as well as business. Make sure you are stepping out there and accepting invitations to socialize this now. Be cautious of the neck and back during this time. You cannot afford to be laid up with this hectic schedule arriving, Libra.


A call from a prospective employer may arrive during this lunar cycle putting you in a perfect position to make fabulous choices. A long-standing friend or romantic partner can offer some wise advice regarding your personal connections at this time. Be open and allow those around you to provide you with insight. If you can take a time out to digest all of the information, a solution to a long-standing problem will arrive shortly, Scorpio.


Finances continue to improve during this lunar cycle. New clients or business opportunities are abundant now. Be conscious of your health during this time and make sure you’re getting the rest you need to keep up this hectic pace. Romance could use a little kick-start, this weekend provides the perfect emotional climate to rejuvenate it, Sag.


You will be celebrating the good fortunes of your family or a loved one this week. You know deep down in your heart that you will get your turn, this way you’re practicing for your own positive outcome. Those that cannot support the achievements of others will not progress at this time. Protect your friends and family from those who want to put a negative spin on their lives. You will see this come full circle shortly, Capricorn.


You will need to take some time off here soon just to do nothing. Your schedule is overwhelmed with conflicting responsibilities and you feel guilty for not accomplishing each task. Go easy on yourself, trust that it will all get done and count the money on the way to the bank. This is an extremely positive financial time frame; take advantage of this element now, Aquarius.


Expansion with business as well as a creative project will receive the green light during this time frame. Positive individuals of like mind will encourage your every move. Down the road you will be able to enlighten them with gifted contacts as well. This will allow the pay it forward element to become very active in your life, Pisces.

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