Your Horoscope: October 26-November 1, 2016

By Denise Guzzardo

This week

Mercury, the planet that influences communication and travel, is in Scorpio. Hidden influences and secrets will come to light on a personal as well as a universal level. This is a time, like it or not, when we find out where all the bodies are buried. Venus, the planet of love, is in Sagittarius through November 11; this takes the influence off of personal relationships and shifts it into global love and awareness. This ought to be quite an enlightening time frame my friends. Enjoy!


You need to simmer down a bit and start cutting those around you some serious slack. You have no control over the outside influences that have been affecting the quality of your life. It’s time to create your own happiness within your own humble abode. Once you honor the loved ones around you peace will arrive, Aries.


You may not know which invitation to accept first; in the end try to make it to all of your commitments at this time. You may feel like hiding out, but by week’s end you’re in a totally different mindset. The past will resurface in the best possible light now. Enjoy all of the circumstances, Taurus.


Your social sector begins to expand during this lunar cycle, seasoned with romantic opportunities for those of you who are searching for love. You’ve put so much time and energy into your career that you haven’t really been able to focus on your personal life. The perfect balance arrives in the months to come allowing you to experience the best of both worlds, Gemini.


A past situation will revisit you in order for you to put this to rest for good. You can overcome so many obstacles at this time if you only put your mind to it. A loved one may call it quits for good. Don’t test another that is on their last nerve. You may end up on the outside looking in, Cancer .


A family member may attempt to unravel a personal aspect that has begun to solidify for you this week. You may need to set a strong boundary with another that is trying to interfere in your life. Once you have clarified where you stand, expect positive results to follow. If you put your head in the sand you will only hurt yourself in the long run, Leo.


It has been a long road you have traveled in the past week and you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed at this time. Take a time out to rest and recoup from this interesting adventure. After November 1 you can put yourself back on track with your mundane tasks and responsibilities. Live in the moment, Virgo.


Make sure that you honor your debts, spiritually, emotionally and physically during this lunar cycle, as well as throughout the end of the year. It may be time to get a realistic viewpoint regarding your finances and what it will take to move forward in the future. You have the resources to succeed, utilize them now, Libra.


It may be time to sit down with a business partner or loved one and go over the budget for the months to come. Financial reality doesn’t appear to exist with an individual around you. If you don’t get to the bottom of this now it will only become more complicated in 2017. Everyone needs to pull their own weight, Scorpio.


You’re mixing business with pleasure during this lunar cycle and building contacts for future success. You’re creating a new motto – working smarter not harder – that you will be able to apply in the years to come. Make the most of Saturn’s final tour in your sign which will move into Capricorn December 17, 2017. When it’s completed you will have the spiritual, emotional and physical muscle mass that you never thought you were capable of obtaining, Sag.


You may be feeling a bit fatigued early on this week, but don’t let that stop you from making plans for the weekend. When all is said and done you will have the energy to make connections with friends and family at that time. You will feel rejuvenated with the lighthearted social connections as well as learn some valuable lessons regarding life, Capricorn.


You may need to stand up to an overbearing female this weekend. Although you may not feel that you have the energy to address this issue, it needs to be done at this time. If you do not make a stand now, this will only escalate into a bigger issue around the holidays. Midweek brings a lucky break into your financial sector, Aquarius.


You will receive some good news regarding your work and finances at this time. It’s time to celebrate and share your good fortune with others. At week’s end you will run into a love interest that has intrigued you for quite some time. This is a good time to extend yourself; take a leap of faith and see what happens, Pisces.

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